St. Louis Blues Ice Girls, or Blues Crew

The lockout is over, and the doors are back open at Scottrade.  Over 20,000 people attended the St. Louis Blues home opener on Saturday because they were excited to see the team back on the ice.  The reason for the crowd was not a gimmick, was not a free offer, was not discounted tickets, but the St. Louis Blues hockey team.  We wanted to see the players, we wanted to see a win, we wanted to see hockey.

Instead, when entering the Scottrade Center that night, St. Louis Blues fans were greeted with the surprise of half naked women standing awkwardly at the front gates.  The “Blues Crew”, which had formerly just been a group of male and female individuals who were responsible for cleaning the ice during breaks, have now transformed into ice girls, but don’t try to tell the St. Louis Blues that.
If you go to the St. Louis Blues website, you won’t see a single mention of ice girls anywhere.  If you search google, you can find one lone video of tryouts in which men and women are skating around the ice trying out for the “Blues Crew”.  The funny part of this is that the men are in jackets, long pants, and look like they are trying out for the job while the women are in sports bras and barely dressed.  Apparently for tryouts, not all of the participants were required to know how to skate…

Photos circa 1993?This is not the first time that the St. Louis Blues have tried to draw in attention to their cleaning crew during games.  In 2007-08 the St. Louis Blues attempted the same sort of gimmick holding auditions for short lived ice girls.  Back in 2007-08, participants who wanted to be part of the group had to meet the following standards:

  • Applicant must be 21 by September 15, 2007 (no maximum age restriction)
  • Applicant must live in St. Louis or surrounding area
  • Applicant must have reliable transportation
  • Applicant must be willing to attend all required practices, games & public appearances
  • Applicant must be a high school graduate
  • Applicant must wear crop-top during dance portion of try-outs
  • Dancers wanted – no skating required!

So while the St. Louis Blues have failed to release any information regarding their new “Blue Crew”, we know that this is something that has failed in the past before.  If you look up information on why it failed, well, it was because not many people enjoyed the stunt.  It is a distraction from the game, the environment, and is not welcome in a hockey game.  While other teams use this gimmick to pick up the few random fans who are not actually interested in the sport, the St. Louis Blues are not a team that needs to do that.  Opening night was a sell out game because of the product on the ice, the players, the team that won the Central Division last season.  There is no reason to make a mockery of the game and the city by including ice girls in the presentation.

The whole notion of the ice girls or “Blue Crew” or whatever you want to call them, is an insult to the hockey fans in the city of St. Louis.  I understand that there are a lot of men who just want to stare at women, but our society is already filled with chances to do that, just look at the magazine covers at any grocery store.  We are in the building to see a hockey game, not any other reason, and I for one think that it should stay that way.

One of the things that was always special about hockey games was the family aspect of the game.  Fathers brought their sons, daughters, and wives to an event that was meant to bring the family closer together, to do something that everyone would enjoy.  Hockey has always been a family sport, just look at how the Blues market their “family” ticket packs that come with four tickets and snacks.  If you are a mother of a small child, you probably don’t want them to be around these half dressed people.  For little girls, or teenage girls, these women give them a false idea of what is acceptable and appropriate in our society.

I studied Communication in college and one major area focused on was images in the media.  When men and women see images and people like this, it alters the way they think.  Women are given a false sense that they are inferior to these women and feel the need to be more attractive by eating less, working out more, and possible hurting their bodies.  Men get the false belief that this is what all women should look like.  For everyone it is just a distraction from the game and the environment.

I believe that the “Blues Crew” needs to be rethought.  I think that fans need to rethink why they are at games if they are their to look at these women.  It does not increase the value of the game or the experience and is not something that I want to be at my St. Louis Blues games.

Check back later today for a preview of tonight’s matchup in Nashville and let me know your thoughts on the new “Blues Crew”.

That’s all for now Blues fans, as always, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan


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  • Dawn

    Absolutely. In a world of sexuality-obsessed media, the Blues can set a true example for what a family environment should look like. I hope that changes are made to ensure that the Blues are representing themselves with pride and family values.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Exactly. Thanks for sharing. I think it is important to remember why people are going to games.

      • Rachel Fields

        Also, your information about tryouts is wrong. I just went there and showed them I could skate and that was it. I didn’t have to show them my stomach or anything. Before my boss hired me he asked me if I would be comfortable wearing the outfit. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to say that it’s making a mockery of the game. It’s just a belly.

        • Alex Hodschayan

          Those were the requirements for the tryouts in 2007-08. Unfortunately the St. Louis Blues did not release much information as to the tryouts this time around so I had to use previous information. Thanks for the info though, it is good to know. Did you boss indicate that if you would not wear the outfit you would not be hired? Just curious. Thanks.

          • Rachel Fields

            No, he didn’t. I think that would probably be illegal. I know there’s at least two girls on the blue crew that wear track suits, I’m not sure if they were uncomfortable or what. They probably didn’t release any info because of the lockout– season crammed into a few months equals chaos in the executive offices. Also, most of the girls doing it (at least on the ice) have been doing it for years. No strippers hired this year.

          • Alex Hodschayan

            Thanks for sharing that info as well. It is really hard to find any information regarding the ice crew and changes made between the last ownership and the new.

  • rachel

    I’m doing it this year. So are two girls I played hockey with as a kid. My family has had season tickets for over ten years and they are proud of me. I will be on the same game ice as the greatest players in hockey.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Do you feel uncomfortable at all though wearing the outfit? Last year the Blues had everyone in windbreakers and full pants, would you feel more comfortable on the ice wearing that?

      • Rachel Fields

        Not really. It was really fun, actually. And the little boys and girls that I saw were ecstatic to get attention from me– they’d learn the same ideals about women and body image from the mainstream media… or barbie dolls or whatever. I’m an English major with a certificate in women’s studies, and I don’t think what I do is all that damaging. I played hockey for ten years and experienced more feelings of objectification doing that than what I’m doing now. Feminism is about choice after all. It was a little bit cold though. :) LGB!!!

  • Nicole

    so, from this article it is safe to say that swimming pools, NFL games, community races, etc. are also not family events. It is 12 inches of stomach… for 5 minutes of ice time during an intermission. wow… such a disgrace… all of hockey is ruined now.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Thank you for reading, but I think you missed the point of this article. Do you think it is necessary for these woman to wear such outfits? The men on the “Blue Crew” are not dressed in anything tight fitting or revealing. Shouldn’t they have to dress similarly? Also, Scottrade is not a swimming pool. Most people attend games in a jersey, coat, and jeans, not a crop top with most of their mid section revealed. We must also remember, these are the people meant to clean the ice, not lead cheers. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading.

  • Samantha Flannery

    I wear and outfit like that at a race track just across the river from St Louis and we do all different kinds of Family events. I went to the game against The Wild and was impressed by these girls. Yes it’s a family sport but if you take your child to a movie, or a public pool, let them watch tv or listen to the radio they are going to see and hear more disturbing things than that 12 inches of stomach. It’s not a disgrace to the fans of Blues Hockey it’s an addition to the atmosphere. There are families there, they get Louie walking around talking to their kids, and put on the big screen just for being cute, the couples get the kiss cam, and the single guys get the ice girls. You may ask why the single girls get… The players obviously. The staff does what they can to stop the profanity but that doesn’t mean those same children aren’t hearing cuss words from the drunk people behind them. I’ve never played hockey but I know that when you’re skating that hard to get out of the way in a certain amount of time you’re not cold. I give these girls props and would love to say I was a part of that team. Keep up the good work girls.