St. Louis Blues Fans Are the Best in the NHL

St. Louis is a sports city. It is known for its love of baseball, hockey, and football, but Blues fans are often overlooked by other NHL fans. Although the Blues aren’t the best team in the league, their fans are the best.

It is easy to love a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins or the New York Rangers with players like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Rick Nash, Henrik Lundqvist, and many others.  If you love the Washington Capitals no one will ever judge you just because Alex Ovechkin plays there.  In the West, teams like the Detroit Red Wings have always had flocks of fans and no one would judge them now with Pavel Datysuk and Henrik Zetterberg.  The same goes for the Chicago Blackhawks who have a rich history and all-stars like Patrick Kane and Maria Hossa.  The Los Angeles Kings won the cup, no issues finding fans there.  The Phoenix Coyotes made it to the Conference Finals last year and they don’t even know if they are going to stay in Glendale, but the fans came out to support them and no one thought anything of it.  I could go on and on about other teams in the league, but none have the situation that the we have.

The St. Louis Blues, they don’t have a well recognized all-star.  Sure, soon Alex Pietrangelo will be a star, but he isn’t yet and his play has shown it.  Jay Bouwmeester may have a big name, but this was his first season in the playoffs.  Jaroslav Halak is better well-known for his short stint in the playoffs with Montreal than anything he has done in St. Louis.  The Blues have a ton of first round picks on their roster, but none of them have turned into a Steven Stamkos or Jeff Carter.  No superstar means no widespread attention in the NHL.

Its not just the players that hold St. Louis back.   Sure, the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a cup in now 46 years, the same length as the Blues, but at least they have won a cup in the past.  The St. Louis Blues hold the record for the longest drought without winning a cup.  It is not easy to be a Blues fan, but that is what makes Blues’ fans the best in the NHL.

We don’t count on winning the cup; we are happy to just make the playoffs.  Beating a team like the Blackhawks twice this season is more of a triumph that it would be for any other team in the league.  Blues fans love the game, they love their team, and they love the sport.  No one has ever said it was easy to cheer for the Blues, but that is what makes us special.

I would love to see David Backes lifting the cup, but if it doesn’t happen I will still be a Blues fan.  Even if they don’t win a cup during my lifetime, I will still put on my jersey with pride, go to as many games as possible, and loudly proclaim “LET’S GO BLUES!”

So as we watch the playoffs unfold and witness history in the making, just remember that what we have in St. Louis is something special.  In cities like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and many others, if their team couldn’t win they wouldn’t have any fans.  We love our team whether they win or lose.  We love our team because it is a symbol of this city.  We love our team because of our involvement with the team.  Just ask the Cardinals if any other city is as great as St. Louis.  Guys like Albert Pujols will be quick to let you know there is no city like St. Louis.

Don’t give up the hope, don’t get discouraged this or any other year.  Remember that this is our team and, win or lose, they belong to us.  Share how much you love this team in the comments below or let us know on Facebook.

Now say it with me, LET’S GO BLUES!

-Alex Hodschayan

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  • Jimmy Derossi

    HAHAHAH…….a cup contender not even selling out their playoff games allegedly has the best fans? Good one!

    • Alex Hodschayan

      One of the ways you can measure fans, is by their dedication to the team. Blues fans have never gotten to see the team win a cup, yet we are back every year. Even when the team couldn’t buy a win, we went to games. Chicago fans are very much fair weather fans. Good luck to you all in the playoffs.

      • Jimmy Derossi

        Nice try. You might want to look up the attendance figures post Pronger. Dreadful.

  • Nick zonno

    Another garbage article. To say you guys have the best fans? You don’t have the loudest stadium, you don’t have the longest sell out streak in the nhl, you don’t have tons of fans across the nation, when the blues are on the road you don’t hear chants “let’s go blues” but you do hear chants of “let’s go hawks”. Your jersey sales. Si aren’t the best in the league, I mean I can go on and on. To bring up the LA Kings in your article is a joke, sure they have people going to the game but that’s just for them to go into work the next day and say “I was at the Kings game”. The Hawks are fair weather fans? Hhhhmmmmm win or lose we sell out every game, best attendance in hockey, called the “madhouse on madison” for a reason

    • Lauryn

      Less than ten years ago the black hawks had the worst attendance in the NHL until the Black hawks started to win, and then the rink was packed. So basically, your argument is invalid.

  • Lauryn

    The Blues will always hold a spot in my heart, and as.long as I live, whether they win a Cup or not, I will watch every game, cheer myloudest, and dedicate my schedule and time to this team, and that may not make us the best fans in the NHL, but it sure means one thing…we love our Blues. And no one can take our love for this team away. We don’t need a Cup to love this team, unlike some people. We don’t need a player like Jonathan Toews or Sidney Crosby. We’re fine with David Backes, TJ Oshie, and David Perron, and the rest of our team. These things might not make us the best fans, but when it comes down to it, you’d better fear a Blues fan almost as much as players fear Roman Polak.

  • Lauryn

    And you know what? I cried while reading this. No one has EVER gave any recognition to the St. Louis Blues fans….EVER. We don’t need sell out crowds to love a team. That’s not what hockey is about, but that’s what fans are trying to make it out to be. Remember when hockey was about loving your team no matter what they did? Maybe it’s just a feeling for Blues fans if you don’t, but I can’t remember a time when I was so mad at the Blues that I didn’t watch their last game, or watch them lose. Because I knew that after that game…I wouldn’t see that team again until October. And it didnt matter whether they won or lost, just watching them play is enough for a Blues fan.

    • Alex Hodschayan

      Exactly. I have watched this team lose, watch them get knocked out of the playoffs, but I still watch because I love the team. I care about the players, this team is part of me; this team is part of our city!

      • Lauryn

        Yeah, I love this team, I love everything about St. Louis…seems everyone just goes searching for a reason to insult such an amazing city. Blues fans get overlooked so much because if the Cardinals fans and the Rams fans, and I’ll admit, I absolutely adore the Cards, but the Blues need to prove these Black hawks fans wrong about the franchise.