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St. Louis Blues Winter Olympic Players: Grading Performances so Far

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In the world of hockey opinion blogs it’s never too early to grade your players, right? Now that every team has played their first game we can give you the down-low on all nine St. Louis Blues playing in the Olympic tournament. I wish I could say these are objective reviews, but that wouldn’t be as much fun! We’re focusing on bringing you updates on goals, assists, points, and goaltender performance from the first game to the last, and while you are probably recording them and watching them well after the fact, unless you want to be up at 2AM or even 6:30AM (ugh!) you may miss some of the action.

If you’ve seen the scoreboard, you know that some of the games were laughers while others were nail-biters. The St. Louis Blues representatives all played in their respective teams’ first games, with varying degrees of success. Here’s my take:

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