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Welcome to my corner of the world, where speaking German, playing ice hockey, watching the St. Louis Blues and being engrossed in all forms of media is a daily thing for me. If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is Vanessa Graf, and yes, my last name is just like the Canadian ice skate company (no relation but I would love it if there was).

I have been an avid fan of the St. Louis Blues fan since I was around four years old and my dad took me to my first game at the Kiel Center.

In addition catching as many Blues games as I can, I dabble in web design, photography, and videography. Sometimes I even get the chance to go to St. Louis Blues events and get pictures of players and future prospects.

To top if off, I’ve played ice hockey for eight years as a youth player, I attended one St. Louis Blues Summer Camp during that time,and I have played against one of Pierre Turgeon’s sons.We won that game and I got Turgeon’s autograph on my jersey, which I still have! I’ve met a lot of former Blues along the way.

Where I’ve Been

I have grown up in both North County, St. Louis and then on the other side of the river most recently around the Edwardsville, Illinois area. I’ve worked for several different media companies in the area, as well as worked on a student-run tv show called Global Village at my college, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

St. Louis Blues Memories

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

How much of my childhood centered around the St. Louis Blues? Pretty much my entire life.

I started playing hockey and constantly looked up to players such as Brett Hull and Al MacInnis then later on Keith Tkachuk as my idols. I was the same age range as some NHL player’s children, so faced off against some of them, such as one of Pierre Turgeon’s sons, who I mentioned before (but I can’t remember his name to save my life).

My favorite memory was attending the St. Louis Blues Summer Camp and meeting former players Paul Cavallini and Al MacInnis.

Being coached by Cavalini was an amazing experience and taught me a lot of things about improving my skill set, and best of all I still remember most of it to this day.

Where I’m Going

As I am finishing up my degree at SIUE, I will also be writing like crazy here at Bleedin’ Blue covering our beloved team, and doing photography jobs around the St. Louis area. Additionally, I am getting back into playing hockey and I have a nice pair of Graf skates coming in the mail.

Otherwise, I’ll be enjoying myself with my fianceé, building a life with her, and covering as much of the St. Louis Blues as I can. Now let’s get this upcoming season under way because I am way too pumped and see you all this Sunday for the St. Louis Blues Ice Breaker at Ball Park Village!

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