St. Louis Blues: Five Things We Must Know By End Of 2017 Preseason

ST. LOUIS, MO - FEBRUARY 2: Robby Fabbri
ST. LOUIS, MO - FEBRUARY 2: Robby Fabbri /
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PITTSBURGH, PA – JANUARY 24: Robby Fabbri /

Robby Fabbri’s Position

This is probably the easiest one to label. Robby Fabbri has a lot of people excited. After a great rookie campaign, Fabbri had fans dreaming of glory, both for the player and the team.

A slow start and missing the last third of the season in his sophomore year dampened expectations just a bit. There is still a lot of hope and promise in the youngster.

Interestingly, Fabbri’s size or durability has rarely been in question. The main issue has been where to play him.

There has been a nagging whisper coming from seemingly nowhere that the Blues need to try Fabbri at center. Why is a bit of a mystery, but they do seem determined to give him every effort to be a centerman.

Personally, I’m completely against the idea. Fabbri seems to provide more dynamic line combinations if you keep him on the wing. He seems comfortable trying to be a scorer, so adding the expectation of setting guys up is a bit curious as well.

Complaining about it won’t do much of us any good. Fabbri is going to get plenty of work at center this preseason and we just have to swallow and deal with it.

That said, we need to have a crystal clear idea of what position he is going to be in by the time the season begins. Outside a slew of injuries, they cannot be moving him back and forth throughout the year.

If Fabbri earns a spot at center, he needs to play at least a third of the season at center consistently. If he gets put at winger, then leave him at the wing.

Again, there is always the possibility for change if the Blues have injured players. Fabbri did play a little center last year when guys went down.

For the most part though, he needs to be settling into one spot. Playing him at center one game and then the wing for another should not be an option at all.

If the Blues don’t know what Fabbri’s position by the time the season starts, I compare it to the multiple QB scenario. In football they say if you have two starters, you have none. If Fabbri has two positions, then he really has none.