St. Louis Blues: Wade Megan Doing His Best Not To Be Forgotten Man


The St. Louis Blues had quite a few guys come through their lineup in 2016-17. In the grand scheme, Wade Megan did not do much, but he is trying to change that quickly.

When the St. Louis Blues brought Wade Megan up to the NHL in 2016-17, some people might have been scratching their heads as to who this guy was. He was 26 years old and had never really even sniffed a chance at the league.

What was he doing up when the Blues had other guys that were drafted higher? Why was he getting a chance when he had failed to get one in other places, including Florida, where he was drafted?

Well, he was having one heck of a season in the AHL last season. Though the wins were not coming, the Chicago Wolves had three or four different players lead the league in points at various times during the season. One of those guys was Megan.

Even though he was brought up to the Blues and sat in the press box for an extended period, he still kept his momentum going. He ended up leading the league in goals scored with 33 and had 66 points for the year.

Still, the hype behind him died rather quickly. There was a decent amount of fans behind him during the Blues regular season.

He did not completely disappoint either. He scored a goal and was a plus-2 in a Blues loss to Tampa Bay in his NHL debut on December 16, 2016. Megan would only appear in two more games though. He would not record another point.

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So, we reach the part of the story where some ask who cares? Wade Megan cares and he cares a lot.

He is doing his best this offseason to not be the odd man out. Megan got a taste of the NHL and he wants an entire slice, if not a full meal.

Stat geeks will point to the fact that he only has one goal in three games. You have to look beyond just his scoring though.

His 33 goals in the AHL won’t translate. He had never scored 20 goals beyond his college years.

You don’t get the sense that he’s a flash in the pan though. He’s not going to be a top-six forward in the NHL, but sometimes you need those guys that are willing to fight for every inch.

That is what we have seen from Megan so far. In the preseason game against Pittsburgh, he was one of the team’s hardest workers.

It is not just that fourth line type of hard work either. He’s got some skill and he has positional awareness that cannot be taught.

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You cannot overlook three points in three games either. He’s been in every shift and engaged.

When the season starts, Megan might still be in the AHL. It won’t be for lack of trying though.

Personally, I’d be fine with Megan as one of the rotation players. Maybe he won’t have the hot streak he showed in the AHL, but he’s going to work his butt off.

For my money, Megan is definitely not the worst choice to make the team. He’s earned it with his play, even if he is not the most highly touted player to begin.