St. Louis Blues Fans Deserve To Win FanSided Fan Of The Year

ST. LOUIS, MO - APRIL 9: Vladimir Sobotka
ST. LOUIS, MO - APRIL 9: Vladimir Sobotka /

The St. Louis Blues fans have bled and suffered with their team. They deserve recognition and FanSided is providing that opportunity.

Imagine all those Brett Hull goals without the roar of St. Louis Arena or Kiel Center. Try to picture the St. Louis Blues victory in Game 7 against Chicago in 2016 without a packed house of rabid fans losing their minds.

Without the people who pay the tickets, buy the jerseys and yell at their televisions, there would not really be a St. Louis Blues. There would not be an NHL or any sports league for that matter.

Fans make the sport and the team what it is. Fans make the Philadelphia teams nervous to no end. Their demands hold teams in New York to almost unbearable standards.

Teams in the Midwest feel more love and admiration and that is where the Blues come in. Though the baseball team gets all the publicity, Blues fans have a fierce loyalty to the team that is on par with any fanbase around the country. There is a reason so many former players settle down in St. Louis when they are done and it is the people.

Like their baseball neighbors to the north, who shall remain nameless, Blues fans have long suffered their team’s inability to win the big one. Though the length of history is not there, there does almost seem to be some sort of curse.

We all still spit at the name of Nick Kypreos for injurying Grant Fuhr. We all still stare into the void in disbelief how the President’s Trophy winning team of 1999-2000 could fall so hard in the first round against San Jose.

Nevertheless, each year we come back. Sure there were a few years where the stadium was a little empty but you can forgive any fan for not wanting to pay good money to see those teams. Even then, people still wore their Blues gear around town.

That is why Blues fans deserve some national recognition. We are getting a little bit from the NHL.

St. Louis hosted the 2017 Winter Classic. The Blues have been the primary season opening televised game for two years in a row. St. Louis is also in the running for a future All-Star game.

The fans are treated to special games in those instances, but they deserve their own recognition. In steps FanSided.

Our parent company is holding their annual Fan of the Year contest. Who better than a Blues fan to win that and who more deserving?

As our page suggest, we bleed for this team and the world needs to know. So, get your fingers loosened or warm up your cameras and get those submissions in.

You can either make a video showing your fandom or submit an essay. Either way, be sure to come with your passion and let us know why you deserve to be the Fan of the Year.

There is more in it than just pride too. You can win a trip to New York City for Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year Awards. You’ll also get the Fan of the Year championship belt, some FanSided gear and your own bobblehead!

All you have to do is show your “fanmanship”. What’s fanmanship? Here is what FanSided says:

"What qualifies someone to be the FanSided Sports Fan of the Year? The FanSided Sports Fan of the Year is a person who exemplifies dedication, integrity and “Fansmanship” all for the love of the game.What is “Fansmanship? Just as athletes exhibit and strive for good sportsmanship, fans strive to exhibit good Fansmanship. Good Fansmanship means representing the teams you follow and the communities those teams represent in a positive way at all times thus perpetuating all that is good about sports and sports fandom. Every fan has a story. We want to hear yours."

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So, tell your friends, get the word out on social media and get those submissions in. Let’s show the world why we bleed blue.

And when you win, be sure to let us know so we can rub it in everyone’s faces!