St. Louis Blues: Are Healthy Blues Not Good Blues?

The St. Louis Blues struggled to remain or even get healthy throughout 2019-20. Perhaps that was for the best.

The St. Louis Blues had to overcome quite a bit in the 2019-20 season. That does not even include the entire league dealing with the stoppage due to the pandemic.

Like all teams throughout any season, the Blues picked up their share of bumps and bruises. They might not lead the league in terms of man-games missed, but they have to lead the league or be near the top in terms of days they’ve had a healthy lineup.

In fact, according to Tom Timmermann of the Post-Dispatch, the Blues only had two games with their lineup fully in tact. Two whole days.

One of those days was opening night, which unfortunately was spoiled by the Washington Capitals. At least everyone was there and healthy to raise the banner.

Robert Thomas missed the next five games due to the ever-confusing upper body injury. He returned on October 17 and that was the last game the Blues had everyone dressed and ready to go.

Carl Gunnarsson was the next to go down. He missed three games, but only two were necessary.

As Timmermann pointed out, Craig Berube said Gunnarsson could have played that third game if it was needed. So, in theory, the Blues could have had three whole games with a healthy lineup if Gunnarsson had come back.

That was it, though. Sammy Blais missed the game on October 24, against the Los Angeles Kings, with a thumb injury. Then, Vladimir Tarasenko injured his shoulder in that game and missed the entire season up until the virus shut everything down.

However, the interesting thing is perhaps it was for the best. That is not meaning it was best Tarasenko got hurt and missed so much time, but rather perhaps it was for the best that the Blues never had a healthy lineup.

In one of those odd, but interesting, coincidences, the Blues did not win either game when they had a healthy lineup. So, maybe they thrive more when backed into that particular corner.

Or, maybe it is just a coincidence and such a small sample size that nothing can be gleaned from it. Either way, it is an interesting stat.

It is something to keep in the back of your mind should there be a playoff in the summer. The Blues will have a healthy lineup for the first time since October, if there is a finish to 2019-20, except for Jay Bouwmeester.

Marco Scandella was not here at that time though, so does his presence cancel the Bouwmeester absence? Time will tell and you can never quite tell when it comes to odd little things like this with the Blues.

Now, can we please get hockey back so there’s something real to write about?