St. Louis Blues: On the first day of Bluesmas 2020

St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champions banner Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champions banner Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

On the first day of Bluesmas, our true love gave to me – a Stanley Cup to put under our tree.

One of the gifts that every single St. Louis Blues fans wanted, whether old or young, was the one many figured they would never receive. It seemed like that present that Santa never brought, or that item on your list that your parents glossed over because it might shoot your eye out.

However, the wait was worth it. Just 18 months ago, Blues fans finally got an early Christmas present in the form of hockey’s holy grail.

Most women are said to want something shiny and gold, or perhaps diamond. Blues fans were fine with the shiny part, but they wanted that silver cup. The Stanley Cup.

The funny thing was it came in a year when few expected it. Typical Blues luck, if you think about it.

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There had been plenty of other teams with more hype behind them going into the year. They all came up empty.

There was excitement about that team, but not expectation. Most people figured the 2018-19 team was something to build upon and shape into a champion in a season or two.

Instead, everything came together. The Blues just kept overcoming obstacles.

If a player got injured, the next man just stepped up and played just as well. If the Blues ran into bump in the road, they just got back to work and got past it.

Hand pass? Shmand pass.

Unproven rookie goalie that had been overlooked? He doesn’t look nervous.

The funny thing is, while a new champion has been crowned – one that featured a bit of St. Louis flavor – the Stanley Cup still unites Blues fans. It’s a fond memory that reminds of us a better time, both because of the pure event and as a distraction from our present-day troubles.

We may not agree on masks, except that the goaltender kind are awesome. We might not agree on politics, but we know that the red and blue on a Blues jersey is still a fun argument.

Thinking of 2019, or even before, we can remember when playing while sick was seen as an act of courage. Things are different now, but we’ll always have those memories.

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The Blues might only have one Stanley Cup, but it’s still one of the most precious things we’ll ever receive in sports. Nobody can take that away now.