St. Louis Blues Alexander Steen Announces Retirement From Playing

St. Louis Blues left wing Alexander Steen ( Mandatory Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports
St. Louis Blues left wing Alexander Steen ( Mandatory Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports /

The Alexander Steen era is officially over for the St. Louis Blues. The long-tenured forward hung up his skates this morning.

For quite some time, dating all the way back to the summer of 2020, St. Louis Blues fans were left wondering what was going on with Alex Steen. The longtime forward had missed most of the playoffs with an undisclosed injury and there was really little to no talk about him from the team after that.

It was always assumed he would at least start the 2021 season on Long Term Injured Reserve so the team could get salary cap relief. However, the problems facing Steen were still unknown.

Now, potentially just a month away from the start of a new season, we know the situation. Steen has officially called it quits and will retire as a player.

What stinks for Steen is that this ongoing health situation is still in effect. Most players would be able to have a normal press conference and give their speech, thanking fans and teammates and family who helped them.

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While it seems likely Steen will do a Zoom conference at some point, he is initially left with getting his emotions out through the printed word. Though print is effective, it also doesn’t always tell the entire story as a picture would if we could see him.

Perhaps the tears would roll. Maybe Steen would be more relieved.

It would probably be somewhere in between. Nobody likes retiring, especially in sports when the game is all they’ve known for so many years.

However, apparently Steen was having back issues and having had a few myself, and family members with them as well, even minor back problems can be debilitating at times. Steen may have had degenerative discs, which can definitely be lived with somewhat pain free, but would make it very hard to play a contact sport that requires so much twisting and angling of the body.

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Hopefully time away from the game, playing at least, will heal his body to the point he has a long and happy life with his wife and children. We at Bleedin Blue wish him the best in retirement.