St. Louis Blues In A Holding Pattern Between Holidays

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images /

The St. Louis Blues know when they play and when they can practice. Til then it’s just killing time, which we’ll discuss in rhyme.

Twas the day after Christmas and all through St. Louis Blues land, not a creature was stirring. Not even Gary Bettman.

The skates had been sharpened, the sticks set in place. The Blues had a new captain, but still a beareded face.

It’s December 26 and the numbers and C had been sewn. Yet, barely an equipment manager could be found if you roamed.

The holidays were great, 12 days of Bluesmas were had. Now we still have two weeks to wait, which makes Blues fans quite sad.

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This period between Christmas and New Years is quite bland. Only the World Junior Classic made the time not pass like sand.

St. Louis can’t even practice til January 3rd. So, this post-Chrismas period kind of looks like a turd.

But soon we’ll have hockey, with skaters so quick. Thank goodness we don’t play Boston, so Brad Marchand can’t have a lick.

Will we sign Hoffman or Dunn or any more? Nobody knows, we just hope they can score.

2020 has been rough and Blues fans are ready for it to leave. A new season is around the corner with new goals to achieve.

There’s new faces in town, but the team is still a contender. Now, let’s get the season started and wreck some fools worse than just a fender bender.

The 2021 season is almost here, but we wish it would hurry. So we can see huge saves that come in a flurry.

On Binner, on Schwartzy, on Krug and Schenn. If not for realignment, we’d be beating up Jamie Benn.

January 13 cannot come fast enough. Let’s just keep David Perron out of the box with his penalties of hooking and rough.

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I’m running out of rhymes, so we need Blues hockey. So, it’s time to get confident but not cockey.

The Stanley Cup might be different again, but it’s still great to win. So Play Gloria, put on your jersey and Let’s Go Blues and hope we can get the fans in.