St. Louis Blues: Top 3 Outcomes Of Signing Tyler Bozak

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St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues center Tyler Bozak (21)
Mandatory Credit: Chris Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues made an interesting move on Tuesday, September 14. They ended up signing Tyler Bozak for at least one more season.

The Blues signed Bozak to a one-year contract. It will pay him a base salary of $750,000 with the potential for bonuses that could equal $2 million when combined with his salary.

The plus side for the Blues is they only incur a cap hit of $750,000. The team has to pay the bonuses, obviously, but that does not count against your salary cap.

Yet, this move raises a lot of questions. What about Robert Thomas and his deal?

Can the Blues squeeze Thomas, Bozak and Vladimir Tarasenko under the salary cap? Are more moves on the horizon?

These are all completely unknowns. The only person that has a pretty good idea is Doug Armstrong and he is not talking about any deals other than those already made.

Nevertheless, there are scenarios that are more likely than the others. With that in mind, we will take a look at the three most likely scenarios.

Signing Bozak is definitely a good thing, but every action has a reaction. Here are the three most likely outcomes from the Blues keeping Bozak on the team.

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