Projecting which St. Louis Blues players will receive contract extensions in the 2024 offseason

On July 1st, several St. Louis Blues players will be eligible to receive contract extensions, so who will most likely sign on in the 2024 offseason.
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Tyler Tucker

Tyler Tucker stuck around for 26 games this season, and the blueliner looks like he’s nothing more than the type you put in and play a physical game between 12 and 14 minutes per contest. He plays a role, but it’s not enough to warrant an extension in the summer of 2024. 

Tucker will most likely find himself in a ‘prove-it’ year for 2024-25, and if he brings more value, the 24-year-old may sign a bridge deal next offseason. 

Joel Hofer

Joel Hofer is the first player on this list who you can honestly say will be in the running for a contract extension this offseason. But the young netminder won’t sign a long-term deal just yet, as it’s more likely he will get something for between two and three seasons before he gets the lucrative contract when he’s eligible for a future extension. 

If the extension doesn’t come at some point before the 2024-25 season begins, Hofer will likely see it come his way during the season if he keeps playing a solid game as the 1B/backup netminder. He only needs to repeat what he did last season, and Hofer will see himself earning a seven-figure AAV in Gateway City when the 2025-26 season opens up.