Remembering B.J. Crombeen


Though most Blues fans won’t likely miss good ol’ BJ Crombeen, I certainly will. Sort of. This past season there was one player I wanted to see fight more than the rest, due to his slightly pathetic, yet unyielding willingness to “enforce.” By this point it is obvious I am referring to BJ, but I fear that not enough Blues fans will remember his valiant efforts. I could always rely on BJ to have an unnecessarily long scrap, or for him to somehow come out on top. Few sights were as great as BJ’s face during a fight. This post will be my farewell to BJ, and here are a few of “great” fights from the past couple of seasons.

I suppose I ought to post a good one as my last one. Here’s BJ vs Vancouver’s Tanner Glass

Here’s a link to a ton of BJ Crombeen’s fights on YouTube, hopefully you all find some good memories of him as he makes his way on to Tampa Bay. Hopefully Roman Polak can fill the void missing in our hearts next season.