Hockey and Beer, the Best Combination


Hockey fans are a lot of things, and the importance of a good beer to their hockey game is something you can’t put a price on; or can you? released a great infographic on the cost of beer throughout the NHL.  With the St. Louis Blues being located just down the street from the largest brewery in the world, where did they rank?

Unfortunately for Blues fans, the Scottrade Center is not a place to get a brew for a discounted price.  Sure, you can run to your local gas station, grocery store, or even a bar and get a full pint for a dollar, but not at any of our arenas.  Anheuser-Busch used to basically run the city, but that only seemed to give them more freedom to gouge us at any major event.  For $7.00 Blues fans are lucky enough to get 12 fluid ounces of their sweet nectar, but splurge a dollar more and you can get a full pint.  With the average fan purchasing three beers per game that is an investment of $21.00 – $24.00 per game.  So how does that rank around the NHL?  Not too bad actually…

According to, the Blues would be just under the league average of $21.21 for three 12 ounce beers.  That would mean to fill the Stanley Cup with beer at a Blues game you would be spending $98.00.

While the Blues aren’t the cheapest in the league, at least we aren’t New York Islanders fans who have to shell out $9.50 for a 16 ounce beer.  Ouch.

What do you think Blues fans, how do you feel about the price of beer at the Scottrade Center?  How many do you have per game?


-Alex Hodschayan