St. Louis Blues Kelly Chase To Be Movie Star…Sort Of

ST LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 31: Terry Yake
ST LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 31: Terry Yake /

Kelly Chase was always an outgoing character when he played for the St. Louis Blues and a couple other teams. Nobody could have envisioned he would reach such heights…or lows as the case might be.

St. Louis Blues enforcer Kelly Chase has always been a character, at least during his professional days. Those that know him personally might say otherwise, though it does not seem likely.

He’s the prototypical hockey player in that he’s quick witted, a little dry at times and always ready to regale you with a story of his playing days – or rather something that happened off the ice during his playing days. Now, he is about to embark on another career path.

Ok, that last sentence might be stretching things a little bit. More than likely he will stick to his day job and this was just a little bit of fun.

Nevertheless, within a short amount of time, it cannot be said that Kelly Chase has not been in a movie. Chaser is going to have a minor role in an upcoming zombie flick called “Ahockalypse.”

The less I say, the better most likely. So, here is the trailer for the film.

This sort of thing is not my cup of tea. I like zombie flicks, but other than Shaun of the Dead, comedy zombie films have never done it for me.

However, it should be said that this one has at least a 50/50 shot of being ok. It definitely is not pretending to be high cinema on any level. On the flip side, it has better production value than your run-of-the-mill Syfy channel nonsense.

It appears to be quite over the top. Even though it is a comedy, it is not going to be for the kiddies as there was blood splattering everywhere.

Still, it fits Chase quite well. I would not say he is an over-the-top character, but it is not surprising to see him in such a venture.

Chase enjoys being a bit of a ham. He loves having fun and if there are cameras around, so be it.

Chase was in a Canadian reality show that was the equivalent of Dancing with the Stars with figure skaters not long ago. Now he’s going to be under the brighter lights of the silver screen.

Chase won’t be the only famous hockey personality in there either. Barry Melrose – as if it could be anyone else – will have a part in the film as well.

Ultimately, this film could be fun. Fans should not go in simply to see Chase or Melrose alone. While there is no conformation, I would bet that neither is in the film for more than 10 minutes total. Who knows though.

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Right now, there is no word about a release date for the film. A little digging on the film’s Facebook page did not make it clear whether it was seeking a wide release in theaters or would be straight to video.

If gory fun, sprinkled with a former Blue is your thing, then Ahockalypse might be for you. It will be interesting to say the least.