St. Louis Blues Hockey Big Enough To Broadcast Preseason Games

MARQUETTE, MI - OCTOBER 4 : Hockeyville puck at Lakeview Arena on October 4, 2016 in Marquette, Michigan. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)
MARQUETTE, MI - OCTOBER 4 : Hockeyville puck at Lakeview Arena on October 4, 2016 in Marquette, Michigan. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images) /

The St. Louis Blues have a loyal and unwavering fanbase. Though small and passionate, their numbers have grown enough to warrant extra coverage of the team.

The St. Louis Blues play in a city we all love. That love has not been shared by the national media as the team is often forgotten or overlooked throughout the franchise’s history.

Things have slowly, but surely started to change. The Blues have had some of the highest local television ratings of any team in the national hockey league.

That includes big cities like New York, Chicago and LA. That even includes hockey hotbeds like Toronto or Edmonton.

The league and media partners in general have noticed this and are beginning to include St. Louis in their thoughts of hockey crazed cities. That means those of us that truly bleed blue will now have extra chances to catch our beloved hockey team.

The Blues just announced that fans will be able to hear and/or watch the Blues during the preseason. While not for everyone, that is an exciting development for hockey fanatics.

To put it in perspective, there are plenty of fans in St. Louis who should understand completely. They are the same fans that get all hot and bothered about pitchers and catchers reporting.

Again, that is not for everyone, but for those that live and die (figuratively, hopefully) with the Cardinals, that is a major point in the year. The Cardinals have had several preseason games televised in recent years as well.

Now, the Blues are getting similar treatment. No, Fox Sports won’t be showing any games this preseason, but we will be able to hear them.

The Blues will open their preseason on September 19 against Dallas and that game will be streamed through KMOX’s website and on the radio on Y98 HD3 for those that have HD radios.

The same is true of the Blues game the next night. The Blues play the Columbus Blue Jackets at home and it will be the home broadcasters bringing us the action.

For the Blues third preseason game, fans will have to listen to a slightly different slant. The Capitals radio broadcasters will have that game on their own website,

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Another time to hear the Blues against the Dallas Stars comes on September 23. It’s back to and Y98 HD3 for the fourth game.

The following night, September 24, will be the first chance some fans get to see the Blues this season. They play the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Kraft Hockeyville game.

That one will be televised on NBC Sports Network and streamed on the NBC Sports App. If you have to work or don’t have the data, you can hear that game on KMOX 1120 or KMOX’s website.

September 26 will be another chance to hear the opposition’s announcers. Blue Jackets Radio will be carrying that game in Columbus.

When the Blues travel to Kansas City to face Minnesota, fans will get to hear the game in the clarity of FM radio. Y98 and it’s affiliate website will carry that game for those staying in St. Louis.

Then, the final preseason game against the Washington Capitals returns to some of the harder to find avenues. It will be on and Y98 HD3.

Again, none of this is Earth shattering news. However, it continues to show how the popularity of the Blues is growing.

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Even five years ago, getting anything more than a tweet about the preseason would be almost unthinkable. Now, we have the chance to at least hear every game.

That makes it easier to get a feel for how prospects are coming along. It makes it easier to figure out how the top guys are meshing. If nothing else, it give us hockey starved fans a respite from the long summer.

Hockey season is upon us and now, not everyone has to have a ticket to the games to end our drought.