St. Louis Blues: Vladimir Tarasenko A Candidate We Can All Support

ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 1: Vladimir Tarasenko
ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 1: Vladimir Tarasenko /

The St. Louis Blues have several quality candidates up for potential spots on this year’s All-Star Game. A certain forward we all know and love has the best shot at being one of the selectors though.

There is not much we can all agree on when it comes to voting for anything. However, when it comes to the St. Louis Blues, they tend to be slightly more unifying.

Vladimir Tarasenko is close to the top of the voting to be the team captain for the Central Division. According to the article on the team website, he is currently only trailing by two percent.

That is a margin we can help overcome. Blues fans know what they need to do. They need to get out to the polls, sign up all those dead people like they do up in Chicago and tell all the fake news to start a negative campaign against P.K. Subban.

Ok, it’s actually much simpler than that. All you really need to do is go to

You can vote up to 10 times per day. So those of you in school or without jobs better be clicking away all day long. Those of us with jobs can still do it, but we’re going to have to remember to do so after work.

Nothing against Subban, but can we really have fans from Nashville showing us up? They’ve been a thing for a hot second and suddenly Blues fans are letting them run the roost? I think not.

It was understandable that Chicago could outvote us, but while Nashville is slightly bigger in terms of downtown population, we can’t let their fanbase win out in this situation.

You can make the case that Montreal fans are probably coming to Subban’s aid. Even so, the Blues should have enough fans to get this done.

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Tarasenko is a shy guy when it comes to public events such as this, but it might be just what the doctor ordered to get him out of his shell a bit. As a shy person myself, I can attest to the idea that getting out of your comfort zone can actually benefit you in terms of raising your game.

Tarasenko has fallen off the scoring pace a little of late. Still, Blues fans and fans across the country need to know that he’s still one of the premier scorers in the NHL and reward him.

If nothing else, these things are glorified popularity contests. Like the student president in high school, it does not really matter who wins. So, why not have someone from St. Louis actually get some recognition for once?

Let’s get out the vote and get this thing done. Whether you’re red, blue, left or right, we can all support Vlady. He’s going to make the Blues great again.

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I can’t promise he’ll build a wall between St. Louis and Chicago, but we could hope. Let’s not let those mustard clad kitty fans outvote us.

Click early and click often. Tarasenko for presiden…I mean for Central Division captain!