St. Louis Blues: On The Third Day Of Bluesmas 2017

ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 14: Carl Gunnarsson
ST. LOUIS, MO - DECEMBER 14: Carl Gunnarsson /

Normally we try to keep these holiday themed Blues articles on the lighter side. However, given recent events, this one will have a slightly more somber tone due to the subject.

On the third day of Bluesmas, my true Blues gave to me, three titatium-reinforced skates to prevent injury, two great goalies and an Adidas sweater under the tree.

Ok, the team might actually need more than three pairs, but it does seem like these things happen in threes. First, Carter Hutton got hurt with a foot injury.

After that, Jaden Schwartz and Alex Pietrangelo went down in the same game. Then, just as we get word that Hutton will be cleared to return, Carl Gunnarsson took a puck to the foot in practice and was another potential injury.

For now, the Blues may have dodged a bullet on that front. Gunnarsson has come out and said he will be ready to go in the team’s next game.

Still, you start to wonder what kind of black magic is being put on the Blues right now. Is Krampus angry? Did the Blues get put on the naughty list?

Whatever the reason, it’s becoming more and more of a concern. The Blues are on a two-game losing streak as of writing this. Not all of it can be attributed to the injuries, but you have to figure the team would be playing better if they were not hurt.

The scary thing is the coincidental nature of the recent ones. They’re all pucks taken to the foot.

Hutton’s was a bit of a freak injury, more caused by a loose strap and the sudden exposure of his foot, which would not normally occur. However, Schwartz’ injury was just as freakish.

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It was a simple wrist shot that would normally just end up in some grimaces on the bench and then some bruising. Instead, for whatever reason, it caught him just right and put him out for six weeks.

Then you had the captain go down with the same affliction. He was able to finish the game, but has missed three games and his return is unknown.

It would have been a serious shame if the Blues still needed those three pairs of reinforced skates. Hutton has been cleared for the Winnipeg back-to-back, but losing Gunnarsson would have been a bigger blow than any of us would have guessed prior to the season.

He’s been very steady along the back line and, though he’s cooled off considerably after a hot offensive start, is still capable. He’s also a plus-11, which shows that even if he’s not picking up points, his lines are capable of producing them.

Clearly, injury problems are plaguing the Blues right now. They have way more than three guys out at the moment. However, the foot injury thing was becoming rather worrisome.

It just goes to show how strong shooters are these days. The skates are made of quality materials, but even tougher boots are no match.

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That’s why Santa needs to bring the Blues some made from titanium. Or, perhaps we can raid the Marvel universe and get some vibranium. Black Panther’s suit is made of that, so clearly it is both fashionable and practical.

Hopefully the Blues can focus on getting healthy from here on out. Having multiple injuries and three guys out at a time with foot injuries specifically is a bit much.

Krampus can just get lost.