St. Louis Blues Top 10 Moments Of 2018-19 NHL Playoffs

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The St. Louis Blues run through the 2019 playoffs to cap off the 2018-19 season was pretty special. There were moments even before the final that we will remember for a lifetime.

Any time a team makes a deep run through the NHL playoffs, let alone wins the whole thing, there are tons of memorable moments. That could not be more true for the 2018-19 St. Louis Blues.

By now, we all know the story. The team had to go through so much adversity that it would make a normal person’s head spin right off.

The Blues managed to overcome. They managed to come together. They won the whole f’n thing, to paraphrase a quote from the film Major League.

The interesting thing about the Blues run through the playoffs is there were just so many moments that we will all remember. There are sure to be some that did not make the cut on this list or had to be lumped together with others just to sneak in.

That said, before people start rushing to the end, this list is the best moments through the conference final. The Stanley Cup deserves its own list and will get one.

However, the separation is not only because the final had so many moments of its own. The Blues would have had all these moments deserving remembrance even if they did not hoist the chalice.

So, let’s sit back and remember all the moments that got them to that most difficult of rounds. Here are the 10 best moments of the Blues run through the 2019 playoffs.

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