St. Louis Blues: Molly Bozak Continues To Win Twitter

The St. Louis Blues are worried about what is happening in the league and the world, as they should be. However the wife of a current player is providing some necessary comic relief.

When the St. Louis Blues acquired Tyler Bozak, many fans did not know what to think. They knew he was a decent enough player, but they likely did not know what kind of person they were getting.

However, it was hard not to fall for the guy almost immediately. He had this Cheshire cat grin on his face when he was immediately interviewed on NHL Network, almost like he knew that he was coming to a place that was going to be special. That was before the team even acquired Ryan O’Reilly.

Then came the play. Bozak didn’t set any personal records, but he fit into the team like he had been here his entire career.

He scored in the teens, which he continues to do this season and won over 50% of his faceoffs, which was another area the team had been lacking. The Blues got a perfect fit for what they needed from him.

What we could not know was how well his wife, Molly, would fit in as well. Molly Bozak is quite active on social media and more often than not, she has been winning the internet.

Of course, as the internet goes, there will be some that don’t enjoy Mrs. Bozak’s sense of humor. Nevertheless, she’s been killing it.

Molly started things off by sharing a video of the family and friends using the Stanley Cup to make margaritas. I do not drink, but even I had to say that was a pretty ingenious way of celebrating with the best trophy in sports.

Clearly the Bozaks had a good time. The Blues won the Stanley Cup around nine months ago and Molly Bozak is about to give birth to their third child.

Even while heavily pregnant, Molly still finds time to win Twitter. Despite the continent of North America being gripped with a growing fear surrounding a possible pandemic, Molly Bozak found some great ways of providing some humor.

For some reason, even before things got really heated in the sports world, there was a large run on supermarket cleaning supplies. Molly pointed out the absurdity in a quite humorous way.

Even as the rest of the country started to worry, Mrs. Bozak chimed in with a few doozies that let us laugh at ourselves.

For those sports fans that were also using humor to get through these troubling times, Molly managed to one up some or at least add to their original thoughts.

One of the best, was one of her latest Tweets. Just as some background, the NBA had just suspended their games until further notice.

The NHL released a statement that they might be following suit, but we will not know that for sure yet (as of writing this anyway). Soccer leagues were playing in empty stadiums and Italy’s Serie A had suspended their games as well. So, tensions were at an all-time high for sports fans.

From a personal stanpoint, Tyler Bozak was missing the team’s game in Anaheim in order to be with his wife as they waited for their newest arrival. Molly, seemingly ready to pop the baby out, managed to win the internet for the night with her own little take on their personal situation as well as what was going on in the world at large.

What was wonderful about seeing a tweet like this is the small reminder that it is ok to have a laugh, even when times are serious. Of course, how things are worded can make a big difference as I saw several attempts at humor fail miserably online.

Molly Bozak strikes that perfect balance of self deprecation, poignant social commentary and simple social observation. If nothing else, she’s just a funny person in general.

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The Bozaks will be in St. Louis for at least one more season as Tyler’s contract runs through 2020-21, but hopefully he is one of those players that sticks around even when things are done. He and his family fit St. Louis very well and they seem to get along in our city just as well. If nothing else, hopefully Molly continues to win Twitter with her brilliant wit.

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