St. Louis Blues 5 Playoff Games You Remember Where You Were

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#9 of the St. Louis Blues near the side boards during the third period of Game Six of the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final at Enterprise Center on June 09, 2019 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

The St. Louis Blues had a roller coaster ride through their playoff history prior to winning the Stanley Cup. Through the good and the bad, there are games we’ll always remember and where we were.

When it came to playoff time, the St. Louis Blues were like a strip tease until 2019 rolled around. They would titillate, tantalize and, yes, tease, but never reach that culmination and though it was a fun ride, you were often left disappointed.

That clearly changed in 2019 when the team won the Stanley Cup. That entire run was so magical that we will all remember it, even if bits and fragments, the rest of our lives.

However, those are not the only moments we remember as Blues fans. There are others that stick in our brains, perhaps forever.

Some were joyous. Others brought us to tears.

These are the moments in Blues playoff history, or at least my history, that we will never forget where we were.

Just as a precursor, for the main list I chose big moments I was not at the game for. Those would be too easy because everyone remembers attending a game.

If you were attending any of these games, it will be even more memorable, for good or bad. But, these are the games that even if you were not there, you know where you were.

Honorable mentions

2019 Stanley Cup Final Game 6

Ok, I’m cheating my own rules, but that’s why this one is honorable mention. I went to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals and even though the Blues lost, it was something that will live on.

I still remember the day vividly and with a mind like mine that’s more of an accomplishment than one might think. I can forget things at the drop of a hat.

Regardless, I remember driving around with my friends and discussing why we had on whatever jersey we were wearing or why we didn’t have a jersey on yet – all superstitious reasons. We all ate Lion’s Choice for lunch and then gathered into one car to head downtown.

The atmosphere around the area was amazing. Everyone was happy and dancing and there was just a buzz.

All the tents and stages set up for the various media outlets lined Clark Ave., or rather Brett Hull Way. Everyone was just milling about, soaking it in. I also searched for my brick, which my wife had gotten me as a Christmas gift years prior but we had not taken the time to find on the actual location.

All the people lining up to get into the building were just happy and excited. Things that would normally annoy were just let go or made fun of. We all got to see Laila Anderson walk by too.

Even a 90% empty building just felt completely different. Nobody knew what to do with themselves. We watched Charles Glenn’s band, we went upstairs and saw Jeremy Roenick and Kelly Chase as well as the rest of the NBC studio crew and just passed the time.

The intro was something to remember as well.

I actually got choked up just watching it again. Everyone in that building and everyone outside, including those watching in their homes, all hoped that this day would be the culmination of 50-plus years of frustration. Whether you waited five years or the entire existence of the team, we were ready.

And then the game started and it all fell apart. The Blues weren’t awful and Tuukka Rask was on his game, but you could tell the team was not quite ready for the moment. Thankfully, the fans only had to wait three more days, but even with the loss this day was something I’ll always remember since I was there.

Game 5 2019 Western Conference Final

The main reason I put this one in here is because it was the first watch party I was able to go to. While the entire playoff run was magic, this was the first time I was able to get a tangible expression of the entire city feeling it might be time.

The upper bowl was not open yet, but fans still packed the place. Of course, it did not hurt that the Blues spanked the San Jose Sharks 5-0 that game. It also included three points by Vladimir Tarasenko and a hat trick by Jaden Schwartz.

What was important about that game was it solidified the Blues being fully back and in charge. Game 4 was not just a win gained by emotion after the hand pass. The Blues won because they were better and they showed it in this game by dominating.

What was fun about the atmosphere was it was like being at a game without anyone on the ice. Sure, it was different but the same as well, similar to how the regular season and playoffs are different even though it’s all just hockey.

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