St. Louis Blues Doing Good For Community During Pandemic

The St. Louis Blues organization has been hard at work supporting their community during this pandemic. Now, individuals, such as players, are getting involved however they can too.

The St. Louis Blues have been busy helping out the city and their fans in any way they can. Most of that work has been done through various foundations and charitable organizations.

Now, several individuals associated with the team, in one form or another, are getting in on the act. We should expect no less from people so connected to the area they live in.

John Kelly, Blues television broadcaster, was the first name in the Blues organization publicly noted as testing positive for covid-19. He suffered through pneumonia as well as the normal symptoms of the disease.

Thankfully, he pulled through and is doing well now. In response to his good fortune and good health, he is looking to make others healthy.

Kelly has decided to donate plasma since he should have antibodies available. “If I can make one person better, that’s fantastic,” said Kelly in a Blues press release.

The idea behind plasma donation, especially in this case, is they use it to treat people who don’t have the antibodies yet. Since the plasma is separated from the rest of the blood, blood-type is not a concern and Kelly’s plasma could help out lots of people.

Speaking of helping lots of people, you can thank Jordan Binnington for helping deliver masks to Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. Local businessman David Corbett was responsible for getting the masks and then he and Binnington went to the hospital to turn them over to staff for use.

“People show their true colors and rally around each other as humans,” Binnington said in Jim Thomas’ piece in the Post-Dispatch. “And it’s important for those of us with the means and a platform to do our part and lead the way.”

Last, but definitely not least, St. Louis’ adopted son Kelly Chase is doing what he can to help out those in need too. He figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

According to Thomas’ article, Chase has been donating meals from local restaurants to hospitals and other front-line workers. In this way, he is helping out the food industry by buying their goods and also helping out the workers too.

It should come as no surprise that these members of the Blues are helping out their community. While all sports franchises are tied to their fan base, there is something just a little different about how the Blues and St. Louis connect.

“St. Louis is my home. It’s where the people I love the most live,” said Chase, as reported by Thomas.

As voiced by the former Blues bruiser, there is something about the players and staff of the Blues that just gets hooked on this city. That is part of the reason why St. Louis seems to have more players stay or return to the city after their playing days to live.

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With that being the case, why would they not want to help? Whether it is donating food, time, masks or even your own plasma, the Blues are doing all they can to help out.

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