St. Louis Blues One Of The Best Of The 2010’s Decade

The 2019 Stanley Cup put the St. Louis Blues over the top. However, they were always going to be one of the best of the last decade.

Any decade where the St. Louis Blues won their first ever Stanley Cup championship was going to be one of their best. However, even basing things solely on regular season success, the Blues had one of their best ever.

The Blues had eight seasons with 90 points or more in the 2010’s – it is nine if you include the 2009-10 season. The only ones they failed to reach 90 or more were the lockout year of 2012-13, where they were still on pace to clear that hurdle, and 2010-11, which was Davis Payne‘s only full season.

St. Louis eclipsed 100 points, or more, four times. They were on pace for 102 points in the lockout season and hit 99 points in 2018-19, the year they were in last place at the turn of the calendar.

The only seasons the Blues did not have a points percentage of .600 or above were the two seasons Mike Yeo and Payne were in charge. The Blues must have it in for bald guys.

The 2010’s were the Blues longest, sustained period of success. No other decade had that many 100 point seasons.

In fact, prior to the 2010’s, the Blues had only achieved 100-plus points in a season four times in their history. Then, in a 10 year period, they do it four more times.

Not too shabby.

St. Louis learned to be a regulation team, or at least a winning team in overtime, as well. They had double-digit shootout or overtime losses just three times in the decade. Not coincidentally, two of those were those early teams in the coaching upheaval and then the third was the 2019-20 team that seemed to live and die by the overtime sword.

The interesting thing about the Blues is they were not just better than their other teams in franchise history. The Blues were actually better, or at least more consistent than a lot of top-tier teams as the chart from NBC Sports shows below.

The funny thing, at least to Blues fans, is that St. Louis ended up with more regular season points than the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks won three Cups in that period and the Blues still topped them for regular season success.

Of course, they will more than gladly point out three Cups to one, but the fact remains.

The only teams with more points than the Blues over that 10 year period are all Stanley Cup champions as well. Pittsburgh has two in the decade, while Boston and Washington have the same number as St. Louis – one.

All of this is just to show how good the Blues have been even before winning the ultimate prize. As mentioned, Chicago will gladly be behind with their three Cups, but who is to say the Blues might not have tied Pittsburgh with another this season?

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We may never know the answer to that. What we do know, and the numbers show it, is the Blues were one of the absolute best in the league over the last decade.

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