St. Louis Blues Finally Make Ticketing Refund Decision

The St. Louis Blues have finally announced their plans for ticketing. Fans now have to make their own decision on what to do.

Like many other franchises in many other sports, the St. Louis Blues have been trying to figure out the best course of action regarding ticket money already obtained. As in most cases, the proper course of action was something down the middle.

What many fans feared, regardless of whether it was with the Blues or any team or industry, was their money was gone for all time. It is not an unfounded fear.

While sports franchises live off of fans, they do need good will to carry on past this epidemic. However, not all teams or industries are created alike.

For example, the airline industry has gone the route of alienating their customers. Instead of offering refunds, most airlines have come down with a hardline policy that cancelled trips will not be refunded but a credit will be offered toward a future trip. The issue there is not all trips cost the same, so future payments might still be needed. Also, there is a use it or lose it protocol, putting a time limit on the future credit as well.

Fortunately, the Blues are not going this route. While they are not automatically giving people their money, they are giving them options at the very least.

According to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch, the Blues have gone with a hybrid policy. Both season ticket holders and single-game ticket holders have the option of a refund or a credit.

Season ticket holders can take the price of their ticket for the remaining six home games and apply it toward their payments for 2020-21 season tickets. The same is true for any one having purchased a single game ticket. That may also be used toward a future game.

The Blues have also given fans the option of a refund. It has yet to be seen how seamless or painless this option may prove to be in action, but at least the thought is in the right place.

Some fans might be in need of those funds now as opposed to hoping for a game ticket some time in the future.

According to Thomas’ article, which uses Blues CEO Chris Zimmermann as a source, all refunds would go back to the point of purchase. So, if you bought it through Ticketmaster using a credit or debit card, you would see a refund from Ticketmaster on your account.

Season ticket holders would have to contact their ticket representative directly. The article also said fans should have received an email regarding this situation from the team. If you have not received the email, it might be best to check your junk box or reach out to the team directly.

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While it might not be the best situation for some fans to have to jump through hoops, at least the Blues are trying to be accommodating.

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