St. Louis Blues Biggest Turkey Ever Is Marc Bergevin

Defenseman Marc Bergevin #4 of the St. Louis Blues. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr /Allsport
Defenseman Marc Bergevin #4 of the St. Louis Blues. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr /Allsport /

The St. Louis Blues have had some interesting players and moments. One, in particular, has to take the turkey.

Over the course of any franchise’s history, there are going to be a large amount of infamous or embarrassing moments. While many take the cake, so to speak, one in particular takes the turkey for the St. Louis Blues.

In honor of Thanksgiving, it seemed like a funny opportunity to come up with the Blues biggest turkey. In this sense of the word, that dubious honor has to go to Marc Bergevin.

Bergevin actually started his NHL on the other side of the Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks rivalry. He played five seasons and 266 games with the Blackhawks.

His six seasons and 328 games with the Blues was the most Bergevin ever had with one team. So, it was somewhat coincidental that the most games he played in his career was with two huge rivals.

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Another oddity of Bergevin’s career was scoring seven more goals in Chicago than he did with the Blues. Despite playing fewer games, he had 12 goals with the Blackhawks and only five in St. Louis.

Unfortunately for Bergevin, despite being a steady, reliable defender, he was actually known best for scoring a goal that did not count in his personal statistics. That’s because the goal went into the Blues own net.

That’s right. Bergevin scored what is known in football/soccer circles as an own goal.

The Blues have had own goals. Erik Johnson swatted a bouncing puck into his own net by accident. Alex Pietrangelo banked a puck in off an opponent and into the Blues net. Jaden Schwartz knocked the puck into his own net in an effort to do the opposite.

The reason Bergevin’s takes the turkey is how it happened. The French Canadian defender didn’t just randomly or accidentally tip the puck into his own net. He literally threw it in there.

The play was so inconceivable that the announcer actually had no idea what occurred until a few seconds later. You never see anything like that, so he had no reason to believe the puck would have gone into the net.

Amusingly, even if Bergevin did not pull the ultimate blunder, he likely would have cost his team anyway. While referees were much looser with the rules in those days, if they had clearly seen Bergevin’s actions, they would have seen his hand closed around the puck in an attempt to toss it away.

The defender’s intentions were seemingly pure. He was racing back into his own zone, the puck was possibly bounding to one of the San Jose Sharks, so he meant to throw it around the boards to the other side of the rink.

Unfortunately for him, his aim was terrible. Either the puck got stuck in those thickly padded gloves or he just misjudged when to release his grip on the biscuit.

Either way, the thing ended up in the back of the net.

You could make an argument that Roman Turek needed to be guarding the post. That’s fairly weak though, since no goaltender would expect that particular course of action and he was guarding against the potential of the Sharks taking a one-timer if that puck came to them in the slot.

Coincidentally enough, Bergevin did all of this just days after Thanksgiving. His day that would live in infamy moment as a member of the Blues came on December 7, 2000. That’s not the kind of 20-year anniversary he’s likely to want to remember.

These days, Bergevin is the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens since its a prerequisite that their main staff members are French. That’s another matter though.

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Bergevin would likely be thankful if this particular video would be retired. Blues fans are thankful they can get a chuckle out of it now that the 2019 Stanley Cup win has erased these formerly embarrassing moments from the forefront of their minds.