St. Louis Blues Schedule Is Not As Bad As It Could Have Been

Robert Thomas #18 of the St. Louis Blues(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Robert Thomas #18 of the St. Louis Blues(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The St. Louis Blues got stuck out west for their division, which makes no sense. At least it’s not as terrible as it could have been.

When it was announced the St. Louis Blues were going to be place in the West Division, oh I’m sorry…the Honda West Division, many fans assumed the worst. Out of 56 games, we figured that half of them would all be at 9 or 9:30 Central Time.

The Blues will still have some late games that fans will have to get through. It is not nearly as bad as we all assumed, however.

St. Louis will have 10 games that start at 8:30 or later. As of right now, the Blues only have three games that start at the dreaded 9:30 start time.

One of those is due to television, with NBC wanting a triple header and the Blues against the Colorado Avalanche getting the late slot. The other two are because the San Jose Sharks want to be punks.

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Honestly, I figured it would be the Los Angeles Kings that gave the Blues the late games. Apparently Silicone Valley has the late nights.

Things do even out a little bit. The Blues will have nine 8 pm start times, including a couple home games that will start that late. It stinks for any fans that might attend those games (assuming anyone is allowed in the building by then), but it does accommodate California and Vegas fans.

What is just as interesting is the amount of afternoon games. St. Louis has six games that start at either 2 pm or 3pm.

They also have four games that drop the puck at either 5, 6 or 6:30. All of those will make it a little harder for fans with nontraditional schedules to watch.

Nevertheless, those of us that are determined enough will find a way to get our eyes or ears tuned into the game. And, we cannot complain too much.

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There was a very real possibility of no hockey. So, a couple handfuls of late nights or falling asleep in the third period won’t kill us.