St. Louis Blues News: Jaden Schwartz Day To Day With Mystery Injury

St. Louis Blues left wing Jaden Schwartz (17)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
St. Louis Blues left wing Jaden Schwartz (17)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

The line to the hospital must run through Enterprise Center or something. The St. Louis Blues are the walking wounded right now.

Jaden Schwartz is the latest to join fellow teammates in the doctor’s office. His ailment is completely unknown, at least to the public.

All we know about Schwartz’ injury is that it is “lower body”. I get the need for privacy, both with HIPAA and because it’s a contact sport, but I’ll never understand the need for complete and utter vagueness.

You could at least say leg injury or abdominal injury or something. Then, you still don’t know if it’s a calf, foot, thigh, etc. or muscle or ribs or whatever. That’s barking up the wrong tree though.

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Another annoying aspect of injuries is the day-to-day aspect. Again, it’s understandable to not want to be held to timetables, especially when the media asks for updates daily anyway. Nevertheless, a generic time for potential return wouldn’t be that bad.

What is so odd about Schwartz’ injury is that it came out of nowhere. Nobody remembers him laboring after blocking a shot or going down awkwardly after a hit in the game on February 11.

Then, suddenly, Schwartz is a healthy scratch on February 12. That’s when we found out it was lower body.

Schwartz was supposed to be re-evaluated on February 14, but no news was given how that went. How long he is out is anybody’s guess.

We’ve seen day-to-day injuries stretch out for more than a week plenty of times. We have also seen guys put on IR and then come off a day later.

It’s just interesting that nobody saw Schwartz get hurt, but he’s out and yet Colton Parayko clearly has something wrong with him, but keeps playing.

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That’s not an indication of anything, but just an observation. Hopefully, 17 can return soon. He has not been a scorer in 2021 thus far, but the team still needs his hustle.