The St. Louis Blues Should Make Winter Classic Jerseys Permanent

If there is one thing the St. Louis Blues know how to do, it is winning outdoors and looking good doing it with two world-class Winter Classic jerseys.

Hockey fans love the nostalgia of watching hockey being played outside, and the St. Louis Blues have been fortunate enough to participate in two Winter Classics, including hosting the 2017 Winter Classic.

With how good the two sets of jerseys have looked in the outdoor classics, it’s time to consider making the two Winter Classic jerseys the primary uniform for the team.

The two Winter Classic jerseys pay respect to the inaugural 1967 team, with the home jersey being a cool powder blue and the away jersey having more tints of cream to it. Both have been huge successes among the fans.

The St. Louis Blues had not made a significant change to their jerseys since the end of the 1997-98 season when they went away from their red and blue color scheme. Of course, the Blues received a reverse retro jersey of the 1997-98 version last year.

From 1998-2007, we saw a jersey come into existence that looks very similar to the Blues’ primary jersey today. However, the biggest change from the jerseys from 2007 is the lack of yellow numbers.

St. Louis introduced a navy blue alternate jersey in 2008, but it only lasted until the 2015 season. The numbers were officially changed from yellow and navy blue on the primary jerseys to white and navy blue in 2017. The first Winter Classic jersey was formally added as an alternate jersey in 2018.

With the Blues having won just one Stanley Cup in franchise history, Blues’ fans emotional attachments may lean toward the current uniform because that is what they saw their team win the Cup in.

However, the NHL and Addidas have absolutely knocked it out of the park with the last two editions of the Blues’ Winter Classic jerseys, and we need to see them incorporated more into the rotation.

We saw over the offseason, the Arizona Coyotes rebrand to their Kachina jerseys that are now a permanent staple in their branding, and throwback nights for other teams around the league have been huge hits.

The Blues will wear the white Winter Classic jerseys two more times this season before we have to wait and see if the team incorporates them into the rotation as they did for the 2017 version.

I wouldn’t be sad to see the current uniform for the St. Louis Blues switched out. There’s nothing wrong with the current version of the sweater, but the newest jerseys are too good not to consider a permanent change.