St. Louis Blues Pros/Cons From 2022-23 Game 5 Vs Edmonton

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington (50)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington (50)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

The St. Louis Blues were hoping for a rebound performance after laying an egg against the Winnipeg Jets. Though they were at home, things didn’t start well against the Edmonton Oilers.

For the second game in a row, the Blues just didn’t get much going offensively in the first period. Granted, much of the issue was having to defend the Oilers.

Edmonton came out and got some early chances, only to be denied by Jordan Binnington. Binnington was sharp early and needed to be.

Though the shot totals were only 11-6, it just didn’t feel like the Blues were getting things going. Half the problem was whenever they did get looks, they weren’t getting a shot on goal. It seemed like they were gripping the stick too tightly.

It seemed like that would be the case again in the second period. Edmonton had the early jump, but eventually the pendulum began to swing the other way.

In fact, the Blues flipped the script. They started to hem the Oilers in their zone and the only scary part was when the Oilers got a power play and were just buzzing.

It felt like the Blues were just going to have bad luck. They had a late-period power play and kept missing the net.

It turned out that being lucky was better than being good. Brayden Schenn took a shot that was deflected by Justin Faulk, but saved.

Ryan O’Reilly swatted it out of mid-air and the puck actually went off the goalie and in. The team captain barely celebrated, as he’s had a slow start to the season.

The third period was just two heavyweights throwing haymakers. It was a story of the tides turning and you felt whoever got the next goal would probably win.

The Blues had the more numerous chances, but they kept shooting right into the goalie’s gut. Even though they were playing well, it just felt like they were passing far too much instead of simplifying things at times.

Conversely, they were relying on Binnington to clean up their mistakes. He stopped several odd-man rushes and kept the Blues in things.

Eventually, that luck ran out. Just seconds after making a grade-A save on Zach Hyman, Binnington got beaten on a back-door play to make it 2-1 with under seven minutes to go in regulation.

St. Louis had great pressure late in the game, but just couldn’t crack that wall. Even with the extra attacker, they were simply tiring out the Oilers, but Edmonton took away everything in the middle.

The Blues eventually shot one into the fray and a block led to a counter attack. Hyman put it into an empty net and the Oilers skated off with a 3-1 win.

Pros: Binnington

For the second game in a row, the Blues best player in a loss was their goaltender. Though St. Louis played well in the second and third periods, it was Binnington that kept them in the thing.

If not for Binner, this one could have been over early. As much as you love the defenders engaging in the offense, they’re often getting caught pinching and that leads to breakouts the other way.

Through the first two and a half periods, the Blues had allowed six odd-man rushes. That was likely seven or eight by the end of the game, though that’s unofficial.

Binnington was up to the task. He found ways to not only stop the puck, but make it look relatively easy in doing so.

Binnington finished the night with 25 saves on 27 shots. The defense played better as the game went along, but again, this game could’ve been out of reach if not for the man in the crease.

Cons: Kyrou

I try to pick on generalities instead of a specific player, when possible. This is especially true when it’s a player I like.

However, there’s just something off with Jordan Kyrou right now. They took him off the Ryan O’Reilly line, which I feel was the right move.

Even then, he just looked disjoined. He’s not confident in anything.

He’s one of the fastest skaters in the league and he can’t skate right now. He’s supposed to be a sniper and he can’t hit the net.

His passing is terrible, he’s losing puck battles and just getting outplayed in multiple facets of the game. We can say there are other guys not performing too, but nobody is making the money Kyrou is.

I hate to jump on the guy for a contract, because his potential is worth that much in today’s NHL. However, my worry is starting to come to fruition in that he just looks too much like David Perron early in Perron’s career.

There’s immense talent there, but not a willingness to develop those harder working, smarter habits yet.


They say two wins isn’t a streak, so two losses shouldn’t be a big deal either. However, it’s definitely a trend with how it’s happening.

The Blues are running into hot goaltending, but they’re also making the hot goalie happen. 38 shots on goal is great and the pressure was fantastic.

How many open nets did they miss? How many pucks went right into that Oilers logo?

Most of us could only dream about having the offensive talent to play professional hockey, so let’s not act like it’s easy.

That said, these guys have to start hitting the target, but missing the goalie. At least make him make a save. Taking the puck to the stomach is not making a save, that’s letting the puck hit you.

Sticking out the blocker when the puck is labeled for the corner is making a save. Somehow reaching back and stealing a goal on a back door play is making a save. The Blues are hitting the goalie too much.

I don’t want to hear about who is injured. There is more than enough offensive talent left on this team and they’ve got one goal in 120 minutes of hockey to show for it.

There’s just something off about the team right now. Even when they were buzzing in the zone, their passes just felt like it was handing the puck off and telling the next guy “here, you do something with it”.

Thomas is shooting more, but can’t hit a barn. Tarasenko is giving great effort, but still refuses to help the team by playing the weak side on the power play. We discussed Kyrou.

O’Reilly just looks immensely frustrated, both with how things are going for him and the team. The defense is getting caught up way too much, but how can you tell them not to join the play when there has only been two goals from forwards in the last four games?

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It’s too early to think the sky is falling. However, the Blues need a better team effort in Nashville in the next one.

You can’t let the solid start to the season flip the other way that easily