Blues’ Binnington Fires Up Avs Crowd in 4-2 Loss


The St. Louis Blues suffered their 4th straight defeat against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche, helped in part by a failure to maintain control rebounds and goaltender Jordan Binnington firing up the Denver crowd to no avail.

The Blues looked sluggish and not that interested for most of the game early on. But, St. Louis came to life after a scrum that had Jordan Binnington – who else – right in the middle of it and subsequently made it a game down the stretch.

Now, Binnington got himself involved in a small scrum after the Avs’ Logan O’Connor got into his personal space while trying to stuff in a rebound. Despite teammate Alexei Toropchenko somewhat preventing Binnington from going after the Avalanche right winger, he still found a replacement in the Avs enforcer, Kurtis MacDermid. Even Colorado netminder Alexander Georgiev skated to center ice to see what was going on, nearly triggering a rare goalie fight.

Short version- Binnington continues to show everyone why he’s one of the league’s most polarizing players. He’s starting to become like Brad Marchand, but at least he doesn’t pull any tripping stunts.

Binnington said after the game that it could have used some energy and that he likes to do whatever he can to win. Cocky? Necessary to get a slow-moving team back in it?

Eh, Somewhat. Necessary in general? Probably not, especially if you’re Craig Berube. He’s sick of all the antics.

And one would think any head coach would be. After all, the goalie is a key part of any team.

Next. Unfair to hold Binnington to 2019 standard. dark

Without him or his skills, the rest of the team falls apart like a house of cards.