3 catastrophic misfortunes that sank the St. Louis Blues season

While the St. Louis Blues aren’t completely out of the 2024 playoff race, their chances of making it to the postseason have grown less than slim.
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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Inability to win on the road put the Blues behind the eight-ball

All season, the Blues could not consistently win hockey games outside of the Enterprise Center, and it has cost them in the long run. As of April 8th, this team is 18-19-3 on the road, good for just 39 of their 87 points, or 44.9 percent of their overall points. 

At the Enterprise Center, it’s been a different story as St. Louis is an incredible 23-13-2, good for 48, or 55.1 of their current points total. Currently, six of the West’s eight playoff teams have won at least 20 games on the road, and the two that haven’t - Vegas and the Colorado Avalanche, have a points total of 0.500 or better outside of their home arena.

Imagine if the Blues simply had two more wins on the road - they would be 20-17-3 and with 43 total points, good for 91 on the season. Even if their mishaps against San Jose persisted, two more wins would keep this team well in serious playoff contention with just a few games to go in the season. 

Sure, Vegas would still have two games in hand heading into Monday, and the Kings would have one, but the Blues chances would have been way better at the moment.