Did Playing at Home Impact the St. Louis Blues Performance?

In all major sports, playing at home can be a bonus in the win column. The St. Louis Blues have a reputation for providing an incredible home atmosphere, contributing to their success.
Boston Bruins v St. Louis Blues
Boston Bruins v St. Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

The St. Louis Blues faithful are special among the league fans. The city of St. Louis has an impressive track record of supporting the Blues through thick and thin.

How did home play impact the 2023-24 season?

Like in many other stats, the Blues ranked about the midpoint in their home record of 25-14-2. They had one of the best home standings, ranking No. 12 in the NHL.

Following the Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets, and Dallas Stars, they were the No. 4 team with the best home record in their Central Division.

Considering that all three teams ranked above them made it to the playoffs, that's great company to be among.

Ask any professional sports player; when a hometown has passionate fans, it makes games more enjoyable and successful.

The home of the St. Louis Blues, the Enterprise Center, has a capacity of 18,096 seats. In terms of attendance, the arena saw an average of 18,084 spectators, filling up the capacity to an impressive 99.9%.

This undeniably imposes on visiting teams and definitely factors into a home advantage.

The Florida Panthers saw the most increase in fan attendance, most likely highlighting their continued success. The Chicago Blackhawks came in second with a 9.4% increase in attendance. This undoubtedly correlates to fans excited to watch Connor Bedard's future.

The Blues ranked at a 0% change, but it proved that the St. Louis Blues fans remained faithful and stayed with their team through thick and thin.

Ranking No. 12 in the league with a rather impressive home record proves the Blues are in a perfect situation to continue to build upon their success.

St. Louis has shown its worth as a hockey and baseball city. Although the Blues 2019 championship was the first in league history, their fans have never abandoned them.