Exploring a New Potential Rivalry in the Central Division

Is a new rivalry emerging in the Central Division? The signs suggest the Colorado Avalanche may soon have a new divisional rival.
Colorado Avalanche v Montreal Canadiens
Colorado Avalanche v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

While the former Arizona Coyotes, now the Utah hockey team, are relatively new to the Central Division, another primary factor exists that could be the cause of forming a new rivalry between the recently relocated Utah team and the Colorado Avalanche.

A mountain showdown

The Colorado Avalanche play in Denver, just a few miles from the Rocky Mountains.

The Utah hockey club, which has yet to be named, will play within miles of the Wasatch Mountains.

Both Denver and Salt Lake City serve as prime winter destinations within the division.

Denver and Salt Lake City share several similarities, from nearby ski resorts (Vail, Park City) to the picturesque scenery of both cities and the snow-covered foothills.

The Colorado Avalanche have proven to be a formidable team with loyal fans. Since their relocation from Quebec, the Avalanche have provided solid team performances, earning three titles.

The Utah franchise is much different, but not unlike the Avalanche’s past. The Arizona Coyotes struggled, as evidenced by their record in Arizona and low fan attendance.

The hope is that NHL hockey will flourish in Utah. And all indicators show it will.

The Utah Jazz, the local NBA franchise, have some of the most loyal fans in the league, paving the way for small-market teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder to succeed.

But the Jazz have not been the only ones to find success. The Salt Lake City area is home to the rivalry of BYU and Utah in major college sports, notably college football.

Utah has established itself as a dominant force in college sports, boasting one of the most passionate and enthusiastic fan bases in the entire Western region.

From the snow-covered mountains to a haven for winter sports, Denver and Salt Lake City are prime getaways and ideal locations for people who desire the winter months.

The Utah hockey club, a fresh addition to the Central Division, has the potential to create enduring rivalries as a completely new team in Utah.

It is no secret to NBA fans that the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets have a long-standing rivalry, characterized by fierce competition and memorable matchups. Expect the same type of atmosphere and competitive play in hockey.

Here’s to wishing the Utah hockey club success, just not against the St. Louis Blues.