Former St. Louis Blues player, Zach Sanford is battling to regain his old form

At one point, Zach Sanford had a promising NHL career, winning the Cup with the St. Louis Blues and putting up impressive numbers in a couple of seasons with the Blues. Can Sanford regain his previous form?
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Zach Sanford experienced his best years as a member of the St. Louis Blues, winning a Cup in 2019 and putting up the highest point totals in his career:

2018-19: 60 games, 8 goals,12 assists, 20 points.
2019-20: 58 games,16 goals,14 assists, 30 points.

Sanford has consistently dealt with injuries, including a major setback from a severe shoulder injury.

Since leaving the St. Louis Blues, Sanford has been a journeyman, playing with the Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Nashville Predators, Arizona Coyotes, and at the end of last season with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Last week, the Blackhawks locked him into a one-year minimum-level contract.

Can Former St. Louis Blues Cup winner Zach Sanford regain his old form?

That’s precisely what the Chicago Blackhawks are hoping for. Being 29 years old, he is still at an age where his game can be transformed through conditioning and development, addressing injury-prone concerns and potentially shaping him into a different hockey player.

Sanford has shown promise and performed well, particularly in St. Louis.

The Blackhawks, a team built on Connor Bedard’s future, aren’t in a must-win situation but are strategically planning for the future.

Gambling on a minimum contract like Sanford’s is the perfect decision, as his potential is there. If Sanford can regain his past skills and conquer his injury issues, the signing is a bargain.

Sanford, who has split his time in the AHL for several seasons, has a shot at securing a spot on an NHL roster.

The Blackhawks win either way with a cost-effective contract due to Sanford's leadership and potential to make a difference if he stays in good health.

Sanford's time in the NHL could be nearing its conclusion. His stats and ice time might support this conclusion, but the Chicago Blackhawks haven’t given up on him yet.

His future in the AHL or with the Blackhawks next season remains uncertain, but he is expected to make a final effort to save his hockey career.