Making sense of the David Perron signing in Ottawa

David Perron, a beloved player around the league and former St. Louis Blue, signed with the Ottawa Senators, crushing any chance of a reunion with the Blues.
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Let’s admit it: David Perron was the free agent most St. Louis Blues fans wanted to sign.

It appears, there was no chance of him coming back to St. Louis. His departure from the Blues was messy, and he vocally declared his displeasure at not being offered a fair contract by current GM Doug Armstrong.

Still, many Blues fans had a feeling it could happen, considering his previous reunions.

From his comments after the season, some expected Perron to remain in Detroit. After all, he wore the A on his jersey and was a vocal leader in their locker room. He also hinted that he was completely happy with the Red Wings.

Others speculated Perron might join forces with former coach Craig Berube in Toronto.

Why did Perron sign with the Ottawa Senators?

While it might be weeks before we find out all the reasons for his final destination, the Ottawa Senators were willing to sign the 36-year-old to a two-year deal.

It’s been reported that Detroit wanted to keep Perron, but the two sides couldn’t reach a deal.

Perron is not only a leader but also puts up respectable point totals and is known around the league for his aggressiveness, and locker room leadership.

One of the league’s most talented and aggressive players is Ottawa Senators star Brady Tkachuk.

Pairing Tkachuk and Perron together will be an exciting match.

Similarly, the Senators possess a wealth of talent, including high-draft picks, and David Perron stands out as an exceptional player to learn from.

Who knows, maybe the Senators will shock the hockey world and become a formidable threat in 2024-25. A quick analysis of their roster proves this is indeed a possibility.

Perron's determination and competitiveness will really help the Senators in important game moments.

Much like fellow Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko, Perron had options. He ultimately bet on himself and his talent. It appears he chose Ottawa over Detroit for monetary reasons but also because he feels like he can still play at a high level and genuinely make a difference.

The Ottawa Senators, who already had the attention of some Blues fans because of Brady Tkachuk, might have gained more fans with the Perron signing.