3 players who have ignited the St. Louis Blues late-season surge

The St. Louis Blues have been surging lately, and there are a few players responsible for keeping this team in serious playoff contention.

St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild
St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages
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Jake Neighbours has been a force on both sides of the ice

I debated on whether to put Jake Neighbours or Jordan Kyrou in this slot, as both players deserve it. Yet I rolled with the former, despite the latter registering one more point, mainly because of his play on both sides of the ice. 

Neighbours, logging nine points instead of Kyrou’s 10 in this stretch, has found the net six times, which also helped give him the edge here. He’s second on the team in Goals Per 60 at Even Strength, with 1.671, and like Saad, his shooting percentage over the past three weeks has been ridiculous. Since the ninth, it’s sitting at 30.0 from 20 shots on goal. 

Defensively, Neighbours has also logged over a half-block per game and landed 32 body checks - the latter being the most on the team over the past 12 games. 

Neighbours has been a force all season on both ends of the ice, totaling 37 points in 26 goals in 75 contests, and there is a chance the 22-year-old will hit the 30-goal mark if he keeps up this pace in St. Louis’ final seven games. The only questions surrounding Neighbours is a) Will he keep up this pace?, and b) If so, what will he do in 2024-25 for an encore? It won’t be long until we get our answer to the former.