3 reasons the St. Louis Blues must trade for Jakob Chychrun

Surprise trades happen all the time in the NHL, and Jakob Chychrun to the St. Louis Blues makes sense on many levels.
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Chychrun would give the Blues a younger and established blueliner

When the 2023-24 season ended, the Blues blue line boasted an average age of 30.3, and it would have been higher had it not been for Scott Perunovich and Tyler Tucker ending the year with the big club. Jakob Chychrun is just 26, and he will also be eligible for a contract extension come the 2024-25 season. 

Since he’s already an established talent, the Blues should have zero issues trading for a player who will be due $7 million for the upcoming season. They’re basically getting Chychrun on a one-year “prove-it” deal, with the exception being that the blueliner has already proven himself when healthy. 

If Doug Armstrong made such a move, he would, in a worst-case scenario, have a blueliner capable of putting up between 0.5 and 0.73 points per game. Chychrun graced the lower number this past season, and while the Blues had a pair of players reach the same milestone, they’re 33 and 32, respectively, with the latter seeing time in just 60 games. 

The duo also combined for just six goals, less than half of what Chychrun managed to score on his own. Overall, Chychrun would give the Blues a much younger option than what they already have, and one who, if Armstrong makes the right roster moves, could also remain in a place like Gateway City on a high-end, long-term deal starting in 2025-26. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)