Should the St. Louis Blues re-sign Sammy Blais?

Near 28 years old, Sammy Blais has had an eventful career, spending two different stints with the St. Louis Blues. Coming into free agency, will Sammy Blais stay in St. Louis?
St Louis Blues v Calgary Flames
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Sammy Blais is part of the 2019 Cup St. Louis Blues squad that defied all odds and brought a championship to St. Louis.

Since then, he’s spent most of his career in St. Louis, with a short stint in New York with the Rangers and several stops within the AHL.

Blais, who will soon become an unrestricted free agent, will test the market, seeking a long-term home.

Would the St. Louis Blues lose much if they let Blais walk?

Blais led the team in hits, recording 194 hits in 53 games.

His aggressive play is simply unmatched. The closest player to his hit tally was Brayden Schenn at 169.

He’s relatively big at 6’2” and 206 lbs, but he doesn’t spend much time on the ice. He played in 53 games this season, averaging 9:41 minutes on the ice.

He had a limited production, with 1 goal and 6 assists.

His best statistical years in NHL play were 2020-21 and 2022-23:

2020-21: 36 games, 8 goals, 7 assists, 15 points.
2022-23: 71 games, 9 goals, 16 assists, 25 points.

Blais hasn’t figured out how to capitalize on his offensive potential, bouncing back and forth from the AHL.

His aggressiveness is noteworthy, as his hit tally clearly shows, especially given his limited time on the ice.

His latest contract paid $1 million for a year of service.

GM Doug Armstrong and head coach Drew Bannister are left asking if his productivity justifies a million dollars.

If they don’t think so, it’s best to let him walk.

One can argue that he’s maxed out his potential in several stints with the Blues and certainly isn’t a game-decider offensively. Could another scrappy player come in and fill the aggressive void he would leave? Most likely.

Blais has a connection to the city, and fans will always remember him from the Cup year. His salary could be more effectively utilized by adding it to the current cap space for a veteran player or possibly for an upcoming journeyman.

And who knows, Blais might find himself a permanent home elsewhere, from a team willing to pay him more and provide a more extended contract.

Either way, the Blues need to make changes, and it’s probably best to move on from Sammy Blais.