St. Louis Blues: Alexander Steen to become GM in training

In breaking news, the St. Louis Blues announced a future path for Alexander Steen to become the next GM of the Blues within the next two years.
St. Louis Blues v Vegas Golden Knights
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Alexander Steen signed a five-year contract, making him a special assistant to the general manager. For the next two years, he will be a disciple for the St. Louis Blues under current general manager Doug Armstrong.

After the two-year agreement is completed, Steen will step into the position of Blues GM, succeeding the long-serving GM Doug Armstrong.

St. Louis Blues fans get a fan favorite for future GM

Few former players can match the loyalty that Steen brings to the St. Louis Blues, as he has become a beloved figure in the team's history and was a crucial part of the championship-winning squad in 2019.

Steen, a 40-year-old, is set to spend the next two years learning from Armstrong, one of the most accomplished GMs in league history.

With Steen's appointment as GM, Armstrong will continue as team President of Hockey Operations for the remainder of his three-year contract.

Once Steen assumes the role of GM, he will possess the authority to make various hockey-related decisions, including scouting, drafting, and player management.

Steen will have the opportunity to leave his mark on the St. Louis Blues in the upcoming years, making it an exciting time in their history.

The situation is truly a win-win for everyone involved, as Armstrong will not only continue to be part of the franchise but also serve as the perfect mentor for Steen.

In the next two seasons, Blues fans can eagerly anticipate a mentorship program between Armstrong and Steen, which is expected to play a crucial role in sustaining the current roster.

Steen and his family are set to permanently relocate to St. Louis. It's a great source of joy for Blues fans that a committed player will soon be leading the team as manager. We send our well-wishes to Alexander Steen for a successful journey ahead.