St. Louis Blues: An Unbiased Analysis of Torey Krug in 2023-24

At one point, Torey Krug was one of the most formidable defensemen on the Boston Bruins. How did he perform with the St. Louis Blues in the 2023-24 season?
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Torey Krug has been with the St. Louis Blues for four complete seasons. Has he proved to be a top defenseman?

While Krug's most successful years in his career have come from his time with the Bruins in Boston, he has still racked up enough points to be a top-three defenseman in his four years in St. Louis.

St. Louis Blues Stats:

2020-21: 51 games, 2 goals, 30 assists, 32 points.
2021-22: 64 games, 9 goals, 34 assists, 43 points.
2022-23: 63 games, 7 goals, 25 assists, 32 points.
2023-24: 77 games, 4 goals, 35 assists, 39 points.

His numbers have been relatively consistent.

St. Louis Blues: How did Torey Krug fare in 2023-24?

Regarding total points, Krug ranked No. 36 among all league defensemen. This places him in the top 10% of all defensemen in the league, a testament to his capabilities from the blue line.

For the St. Louis Blues, Krug ranked No. 1 out of all defensemen with 39 points and No. 6 on the entire team in total points. This places him among the top contributors on the team, not just among defensemen.

He had 32 penalty minutes, which is notably low for defensemen.

He ranked No. 10 in hits within the Blues roster, recording 64. Also, within the Blues stats, Krug ranked No. 4 in total assists at 35.

Krug's numbers speak for themselves - he's a reliable and consistent player for the Blues.

Krug's scoring is not outstanding among the league's top defensemen, but it does place him in a mid-ranking position.

Some have labeled Krug the permanent replacement of former Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo. Krug's No. 36 ranking is higher than Pietrangelos' No. 42 spot for the 2023-24 season.

In a league filled with skilled defensemen, Krug's extensive experience brings reliability and confidence to his role with the St. Louis Blues.