St. Louis Blues: Analyzing Jimmy Snuggerud’s Decision to stay at Minnesota

Jimmy Snuggerud has great potential and can assist the St. Louis Blues in the upcoming years. For now, Blues fans wait, as Snuggerud will continue to develop his skills with a return to the University of Minnesota hockey team.
Minnesota v Michigan State
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It wasn’t entirely unexpected that Jimmy Snuggerud chose college play over developmental and junior leagues, a decision that has proved well for several NHL stars.

Snuggerud has relatively high expectations surrounding his name, being drafted twenty-third overall in the 2022 draft.

He’s a Minneapolis native, playing in his home city for the University of Minnesota hockey team.

At 20 years old, he’s still young and full of untapped potential.

Jimmy Snuggerud made the right decision

Why rush an exit from college? Given his age and performance with the Golden Gophers, Snuggerud has positioned himself to enter competitive professional play after a college career.

I, for one, respect and agree with his decision.

Snuggerud has done pretty well in collegiate play:

2022-23: 40 games, 21 goals, 29 assists, 50 points.
2023-24: 39 games, 21 goals, 13 assists, 34 points.

In addition to his collegiate career, he played in the World Junior Championships in 2023 and 2024. His combined point total for both years is 21.

His decision to stay at Minnesota shocked some people, maybe even Blues GM Doug Armstrong, who mentioned that the prized first-round pick could play very soon on the Blues roster just a few months earlier.

However, once he decided to return to school, Armstrong supported him, saying, “After talking to Jimmy and his family the past couple of days, the organization fully supports his decision to commit to another season at the University of Minnesota.”

With so much attention given to prospect Dalibor Dvorsky, Snuggerud is a little under the radar, but that’s understandable given his unique and different path focused on collegiate play.

Snuggerud’s NHL potential is unknown, but Armstrong and head coach Drew Bannister must be excited about his productivity in Big Ten play.

With a record of 23-11-5, Minnesota ranked No. 7, positioning themselves as a legitimate contender in NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey.

Snuggerud’s decision to stay is respectable and also speaks volumes of his dedication to team play and camaraderie. He wants a chance to go deep into the collegiate playoffs. If he brings this mindset to the NHL, his teammates will love him.

For now, we wait patiently and anticipate the arrival of the talented Jimmy Snuggerud.