St. Louis Blues Complete Draft Tracker - Live Updates

The highly anticipated 2024 NHL Draft kicks off tonight at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who will be the next star to join the St. Louis Blues?
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The 2024 NHL Draft will air on ESPN, starting at 7:00 PM ET. However, the comprehensive coverage begins at 6:00 PM ET, with the top picks receiving the red-carpet treatment as they enter The Sphere. Viewers in the U.S. can catch all the action live on ESPN.

“Day two Draft coverage of Rounds 2-7 will begin on Saturday, June 29, at 11:30 a.m. ET on ESPN+ and the NHL Network,” reported ESPN.

As it stands right now, the St. Louis Blues have nine draft picks. The No.16 overall section will receive the most attention, followed by the second and third rounds, as GM Doug Armstrong has two picks in each round.

Trade opportunities can occur at various stages, including before the event commences, during the draft, and even after its conclusion.

Armstrong's past success in previous drafts, where he strategically acquired prospects and future picks, builds trust in the Blues' future.

Stay updated with our 2024 St. Louis Blues Draft Tracker for event coverage and updates.

St. Louis Blues Complete Draft Tracker - Live Updates

Updated: 6/29/2024

Round 1

Adam Jiricek - D- CZE

Round 2

Colin Ralph - D - U.S.A.

Round 2

Lukas Fischer - D

Round 3

Ondrej Kos - LW - CZE

Round 3

Adam Jecho - C

Round 4

Tomas Mrsic - C

Round 5

William McIsaac - D

Round 7

Antoine Dorion - C

Round 7

Matvei Korotky - C

There are expectations for GM Doug Armstrong to strategically plan for the future, enhancing an already impressive group of skilled prospects. Most 2024 Mock Draft predictions suggest that Armstrong will prioritize addressing defensive woes early on.

Anything can happen as the draft progresses into day two (Saturday), including more trades or selecting offensive weapons that can be developed at a lower league level.

The St. Louis Blues are investing in a young and promising future, anchored by star Robert Thomas and upcoming players Jake Neighbours, Dalibor Dvorsky, and Jimmy Snuggerud, with an impressive number of picks in back-to-back drafts.

In last year's draft, Armstrong chose three players in the first round, including Dvorsky as the 10th pick, followed by Otto Stenberg at 25th overall, and Theo Lindstein at 29th overall.