St. Louis Blues: Does Colton Parayko deserve more recognition than he receives?

Colton Parayko is a fan favorite within the St. Louis Blues fanbase. Talent-wise, Parayako may be better than most people think.
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Colton Parayko, a beloved player in St. Louis, was part of the 2019 Cup championship-winning Blues team.

His contract validates his position as a respected veteran of the Blues. He signed an eight-year deal in 2021, worth north of $50 million.

Within his contract exists no-trade clauses providing stability and trust.

St. Louis Blues: Stats don't tell the whole story

Statistically, Parayko puts up total points in the mid-high 20s.

His best season came in 2016-17, with 31 points.

He's stayed relatively healthy in his career, playing in most games except for the 2020-21 season when he was limited to 32 games.

Although he may not rack up All-Star level points in his role as a defenseman, his impact on the game is unmistakable whenever he steps onto the ice.

First, his 6'6" and 228 lbs towering body intimidates any opponent.

Parayko ranked 5th on the Blues within the hits category, with 113 this season.

However, his blocks were even more impressive, ranking first in the league with 218.

Only six players had over 200 blocks in the entire league, a stat Parayko comfortably held at No. 1.

His 218 blocks greatly aid his team's defense, a stat appreciated by Jordan Binnington and Joel Hofer.

Parayko's impact is felt both in the locker room and among fans

Parayko, who is a loyal Blues player, is deeply cherished by the city for his unwavering commitment to the fans. This is especially evident in his extraordinary bond with numerous young fans who are or have battled different illnesses.

To some, Parayko might be overpaid and underperforming. However, ask most fans, and they might tell you he is the heart and soul of the team.

Being in the role of alternate captain, Parayko's contributions to the team go beyond blocks and hits; his wisdom, commitment, and passion are invaluable assets.