St. Louis Blues: Former Coach Craig Berube’s Next Chapter

Craig Berube, previously the head coach of the St. Louis Blues, has successfully landed a new role. The Toronto Maple Leafs have named Berube as their new head coach.
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It may be a bittersweet moment for St. Louis Blues fans. However, former head coach Craig Berube has a new home. The Toronto Maple Leafs appointed Berube as their new coach.

Fans will definitely keep following Berube, the esteemed coach who guided the Blues to their first-ever championship in 2019.

Expect Craig Berube to succeed in Toronto

The Toronto Maple Leafs presented an arguably ideal situation for Berube to assume control. The team is brimming with talent, with Austin Matthews as the standout star.  

The Maple Leafs have underperformed the last several years, exiting the playoffs rapidly.

Berube’s approach and veteran leadership are exactly what Toronto needs. Berube achieved success in 2019 with an experienced team that may not have the same talent level as the current Maple Leafs roster. Berube sees Toronto as the perfect scenario.

He was a favorite candidate for openings in Winnipeg, New Jersey, and, at one point, Ottawa. Hockey pundits remained curious about why he didn’t find a permanent spot sooner, but it all makes sense now.

Berube waited out the process for the best “win now” situation.

His time as head coach in Philadelphia from 2013 to 2014 was short-lived, but he went on to achieve success in St. Louis a few years later.

Berube brings championship experience and a respectable NHL record of 281-190-72.

The former Blues legend, known for his high expectations, will push his players to their limits, striving to unleash the immense talent of Matthews and the rest of the supporting cast.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been struggling to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs, highlighting the necessity for a strong and resilient coach with a proven track record of winning the Cup.

Good luck, Berube! Blues fans are behind you. Many of us will be rootin’ for you.