St. Louis Blues History: Is Vince Dunn on the Path to Becoming a Top NHL Defender?

Seattle Kraken v Los Angeles Kings
Seattle Kraken v Los Angeles Kings / Harry How/GettyImages

When defenseman Vince Dunn was left unprotected by general manager Doug Armstrong in the 2021 expansion draft, the Seattle Kraken seized the opportunity to select him.

For St. Louis Blues fans, Armstrong's decision to leave Dunn unprotected was a bitter pill to swallow, ranking among the most disappointing choices he's made in recent years.

Dunn brought a unique style of play to the Blues and became an instant fan favorite. Known for his fiercely competitive nature and rough defensive play, he modeled the ideal young defenseman.

As he nears his 28th birthday in October, Dunn is a promising player with plenty of untapped potential, indicating that his peak years are still on the horizon.

His best year in the NHL was 2022-23, with 64 points, 50 assists, and 14 goals.

He has experienced occasional injuries during two of the three seasons he has spent in Seattle. Armstrong may have been concerned about this situation, especially since Dunn had some injury issues during his final season in St. Louis.

Regardless, Seattle seems to have no apprehension, as they signed Dunn to a four-year $29.4 million contract in 2023.

The numbers are impressive

Although there may be concerns about Seattle's depth and talent level, it is important to highlight Dunn's exceptional performance during the 2023-24 season. Despite missing several games, he still managed to achieve the notable position of the No. 3 player in total points.

In the 2022-23 season, Dunn secured the second spot in the rankings, falling just behind Jared McCann.

If Dunn is healthy, he plays well. Statistically, he has been Seattle's best defenseman in each of their last three seasons.

Blues fans can only speculate about what Dunn's career could have looked like if he had stayed in St. Louis.

Assuming he maintains good health, fans can anticipate him securing an even more lucrative contract within the next few years.

It could be argued that Vince Dunn is the player who should have never been allowed to leave.