St. Louis Blues: How Did Jordan Binnington Compare to Other Goalies in 2023-24?

A fair argument exists that Jordan Binnington played his best season as a goalie in 2023-24. When comparing his stats to those of other goalies, it is clear that Binnington's numbers were impressive.
Edmonton Oilers v St Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington has excelled in the NHL. His exceptional performance during the 2019 playoffs, particularly in the Stanley Cup Finals, is still hailed as one of the greatest by any goaltender.

However, in the 2023-24 season, Binnington had one of his best, if not the most impressive, complete seasons in regular season play.

Binnington is reliable and performs at an elite level

In the 2023-24 stats, Binnington holds the 10th position in overall goaltending statistics.

His 28-21-5 record highlights this ranking within 57 games.

His SV% sits at .913.

Perhaps showcasing a weakness at the defensive end, Binnington's defense of shot attempts was 1,786. In 2023-24 regular season play, this statistic is No. 4 out of all goaltenders. The opposing teams consistently attempted to attack Binnington, but their efforts were largely unsuccessful.

Finishing with 1,630 saves, he secured the fourth-best goaltender ranking in the league.   

Binnington's saves, with a .913 save percentage, helped his team avoid many goals.

His .913 performance ranks him around No. 13 in the league, but the statistic is also undervalued, as several of the goalies above him played in 30 or fewer games.

Binnington is a vital part of the St. Louis Blues future

Binnington, who's turning 31 this offseason, is still locked in for a couple more years in his current contract.

To have a chance at competing in the playoffs and reaching the Stanley Cup Finals, it is imperative to have a skilled and reliable goalie. You can stop your search for a skilled goaltender right at Jordan Binnington.

The Blues are set with both goalies on their roster. With his exceptional performance, Binnington has solidified his position as a top goaltender, and the promising youngster Joel Hofer has showcased his talent with an impressive season.

As general manager Doug Armstrong prepares to enter the offseason mindset, all eyes are focused on him, eagerly anticipating his efforts to bolster the team's talent pool through the NHL Draft or free agency. However, the Blues have found their goaltending pair in Binnington and Hofer. Expect moves with something other than that position.