St. Louis Blues Pros/Cons From 2023-24 Game 59 At Edmonton

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues manage to play reasonably well against the Edmonton Oilers for some reason, or at least have good starts. After allowing the first goal in two straight games, and getting blown out in Detroit, the Blues got off to a good start in Edmonton.

St. Louis managed to score two goals on their first three shots. Of course that shooting percentage could not hold up, but that's a good way to get a game started.

After the Blues won the faceoff on the power play in the first three minutes, the puck came back to Robert Thomas on the right circle. He did a small curl and drag, which gave him just the right angle and whizzed one past the blocker shoulder and a 1-0 lead.

The Blues continued to look strong in the early going. The top line connected by drawing the defense to the goal line and finding Pavel Buchnevich for a quick shot and goal from the left circle to make it 2-0.

The Oilers gathered themselves and started coming at St. Louis in the middle stages of the period. Most of their chances went wide, but it was disconcerting how much the Blues were getting hemmed in.

Edmonton nearly scored with about seven minutes left. They had a great deflection towards the near post, but Jordan Binnington made a great pad save.

Once the Oilers connected on that chance, they were buzzing. Binnington had to be sharp to hold the lead, including a stop on Connor McDavid from in tight.

He couldn't hold it forever though. The Oilers got a power play, won the faceoff and Zach Hyman scored on a chip after the initial chance was blocked and trickled toward the crease.

The Oilers completed the comeback early in the second period. They were already coming anyway, but then the Blues went for a defensive change without getting the puck all the way in. It was basically a two-on-none with McDavid and Hyman and Hyman got his second of the game for a 2-2 score.

St. Louis had a power play in the last five minutes of the second and had some good looks. Unfortunately, most of them were blocked or went wide.

That would not carry over to the next chance. The Blues started the third with a power play that was called at the end of the second, but they gave up shorthanded rushes and lost puck battles in their own zone.

About five minutes in, both teams traded chances. Edmonton rang one off the post and then the Blues charged down with a two-on-one and Zachary Bolduc was shut down with a big save.

St. Louis had another breat look in the final 20 seconds, but it was only partially put on net and met with a kick save. Despite the back and forth nature, nobody scored and regulation finished 2-2.

Brayden Schenn and Brandon Saad had quick shots in overtime, but both were stopped. The Blues kept shooting, but could not get the winner. McDavid crossed all three zones and flicked one just over the shoulder of Binnington for a 3-2 win.

Pro: First 10 minutes

If only the Blues could have played the entire game the way the first 10 minutes went. Credit to the Oilers for finding a response, but this was as good a start as we've seen in awhile.

As mentioned, you get two goals on three shots. Not only was the offense on point, but the Blues were just the better team and taking it to Edmonton.

The drawback is the Blues were outshooting the Oilers 5-2 at one point and then got outshot in the period 11-8.

Nevertheless, it was a strong start and the Blues were ready for that opening portion of the game.

Con: Second period

As evidence that stats can be deceiving, the Blues outshot the Oilers 12-10 in the second period. Yet, if you watched the game, you know that Edmonton was buzzing and the Blues were holding on.

Edmonton missed a lot of good looks, but they were creating dangerous chances. St. Louis allowed a lot of rush plays and even a two-on-none.

Frankly, the fact the Blues only allowed one goal was a nice surprise. St. Louis wasn't under complete seige, but they were getting outworked and outhustled by a bit in the middle frame.

Con: Overtime

Maybe I should put this as a pro and con, but the bottom line is the Blues lost. It was indicative of how the season has gone this year with it's ups and downs.

Overall, the Blues were the better team in overtime. They had four shots and I would classify all four as quality scoring chances.

Kyrou won two puck battles to keep the puck from going the other way on a tough transition. St. Louis had good possession and just could not beat Skinner.

Then you get one of the best players in the game come in with speed and get in behind the Blues. Binnington overextended himself just a little bit, which allowed the far side of the goal just enough space to be accessed even with a fluttering shot off the shoulder.


This was a frustrating game to lose. The Blues were not the better team for the entire 60 minutes, but they played well enough to win.

When you consider the Blues had played the night prior, they did a good job of preserving energy and being reasonably consistent. The second period was not their best, but the Blues are always spotty in the middle frame since they never seem too confident when going for changes.

On the plus side, the Blues got a much needed point. It brings them within four points (as of writing this) of the final playoff spot.

However, they needed to get two points. You're not going to catch Edmonton, but even with that in mind, you don't like giving up that extra point.

Sometimes you feel good about getting the point when you just sneak it out. That was not the case in this game.

The Blues came out hot and took a 2-0 lead. They came out hot in the overtime period as well.

They just could not find that game winner, nor could they get that third goal that would have been the difference in regulation either. You need to give the Oilers credit for coming up with a response, but you would like a killer instinct from the Blues.

The lineup changes really didn't have any impact. Tyler Tucker didn't do much, positive or negative, and you barely noticed Nikita Alexandrov on the ice.

There's not a ton to complain about from this game, but we're late enough in the season where you just need to win. Even though a point was gained, it's the fifth loss in six games and there just aren't a ton of games left to make up the difference even though it's just four points.