Top St. Louis Blues prospects to get excited for in 2024

The St. Louis Blues prospects pool isn’t half-bad heading into 2024-25, and there is a chance several of them could end up in Gateway City come October.
New York Islanders v St Louis Blues
New York Islanders v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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The St. Louis Blues prospects pool has some upside, with a couple of players perhaps graduating to the NHL full-time when the 2024-25 season starts in October. In today’s piece, we will revisit a couple of those players potentially ready to take the next step, as we last discussed them in mid-March when there was roughly a month to go in the regular season. 

But they won’t be the only players discussed below, as there is one major talent who could become one of college hockey’s more elite players in 2024-25, a player in the junior circuit more than worth keeping an eye on, and one still overseas. Even if three of the five names listed most likely won’t see time in a Blues uniform next season except for maybe a brief cameo, depending on the situation, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about all of these high-end prospects. 

5 - Jimmy Snuggerud, RW

Jimmy Snuggerud will be entering his age-20 season in the NCAA, and it will be more than interesting to see what he does in Year 3 after what has now been 84 points and 42 goals in 79 college hockey games. If Snuggerud grows further into his 6’2 frame this summer, he will have the ideal size and strength to match what is already an incredible skill-set. 

Every player listed will make a jump in productivity next season, but you can’t help but think Snuggerud will make the biggest leap of the bunch. Those toward the top of this list should find themselves in the NHL either full-time or on a generous part-time basis next year, so they won’t see as much ice time and must also adjust to the overall demands of hockey’s highest level. 

The next two listed will also see substantial jumps, but with Snuggerud’s experience to go with what should be another five to 10 lbs of muscle and another full offseason of training, don’t be surprised if he’s putting up a goal in three out of every five games and threatening something along the lines of 1.5 points per matchup.