St. Louis Blues: The Joseph brothers are poised to become a part of NHL history

The St. Louis Blues welcomed a set of brothers to their team yesterday, acquiring Mathieu Joseph via trade and signing Pierre-Olivier Joseph as a free agent.
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Joseph family is undoubtedly smiling on the morning of July 3rd.

Brothers Mathieu Joseph and Pierre-Olivier Joseph have been welcomed to the St. Louis Blues, adding depth to the team's roster.

The elder brother, Mathieu, was traded from the Ottawa Senators along with a 2025 third-round pick for future considerations.

After not receiving a qualifying offer from the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pierre-Olivier signed as a free-agent.

With Mathieu bringing more NHL playing experience, the decision to bring in the Joseph brothers is not just a move, it's a historic moment. Only around 50 pairs of brothers have ever suited up for the same team, and the Joseph brothers are now part of this unique group.

What can St. Louis Blues fans expect from the Joseph brothers?

Mathieu Joseph

Most fans might be familiar with Mathieu from his time in Tampa Bay. He spent three years with the Lightning before being traded to Ottawa in his fourth year. For the past two seasons, he played solely for the Ottawa Senators.

His best statistical year was 2023-24, where he recorded 35 points in 72 games.

Mathieu will be dependable as a forward but don't expect him to be a top goal-scorer.

Pierre-Olivier Joseph

Pierre-Olivier was once a highly touted prospect, drafted 23rd overall in the 2017 draft.

The younger of the two, he plays as a defenseman and has played in both the AHL and NHL the past several seasons.

He's only suited up for the Pittsburgh Penguins as an NHLer, playing the most of his career the past two seasons:

2022-23: 75 games, 5 goals, 16 assists, 21 points.
2023-24: 52 games, 2 goals, 9 assists, 11 points.

In his four years of NHL play, he's averaging 15:26 minutes per game.

There's still a lot of uncertainty about the St. Louis Blues roster for 2024-25, but both brothers are expected to play, maybe even together full-time.

These moves might not be as flashy as what the Nashville Predators have been up to, but they give two young players a clean slate and provide additional depth on both offense and defense for the Blues.